Ransom & Nicholas Craven: Director’s Cut (The Series)

blame it on Shake February 3, 2021

Although many slept, if you frequented the DopeHouse last year, you know just how much we supported and rocked with what Ransom and Nicholas Craven did with their 2020 campaign. The emcee/producer duo killed it.

Back in March, near the beginning of the pandemic, Ran and Craven kicked off what would be an epic five-project run with the release of Director’s Cut. At just four tracks, the EP was jam-packed with top tier lyricism over a movie score-worthy canvas. A month later, they returned with six more gems on DC: Scene Two before completing the trilogy in August with DC: Scene Three. And just when we thought it was over, the duo upped the ante with not one, but two more projects–dropping Deleted Scenes in November and kicking off 2021 with Crime Scenes.

Now, with even more still simmering on the stove, I wanted to take some time out to highlight what Ransom and Nicholas Craven did (so far) with a playlist featuring each of the handful of projects. I also threw together a fresh cover showcasing the original artwork by cxppington.