Topaz Jones Drops “Herringbone,” Announces ‘Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma’

blame it on Wongo February 8, 2021

Fans of Topaz Jones! The patience you all have displayed will pay off very soon.

The New Jersey native shared his first solo single in nearly three years with “Herringbone” and with it comes the announcement of his new album, Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma.

The upcoming project isn’t your regular ol’ album. It’ll actually arrive with an accompanying short film, one that took home an award at this year’s Sundance Festival. It won the Short Film Jury Award for non-fiction film, proving that we’ll be in for a great project whenever it arrives.

“The film is all the things I couldn’t say in musical notes,” Jones said in a press release. “The music is everything I couldn’t write in words, even though there’s lyrics that speak to it as well, but emotionally, it’s everything I couldn’t necessarily write down and the film is everything that I couldn’t put in song. It is single-handedly the most gratifying, fulfilling experience I’ve had as an artist.”

As for the new album, he called it a “personal interrogation of his own identity…[distilling] his childhood experiences into a vibrant world that powerfully illustrates his account of the Black experience growing up in America.”

Check out “Herringbone” and the Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma trailer below and stay tuned for more.