Drakeo The Ruler & Drake Connect For “Talk To Me” Single

blame it on Meka February 23, 2021

Like Bobby Shmurda this morning (Feb. 23), Drakeo The Ruler was released from incarceration after a lengthy stay back in November 2020. He immediately went back to work, having released his We Know The Truth mixtape. He’s now readying the release of another project, The Truth Hurts.

Whereas We Know The Truth was a largely feature-free affair, The Truth Hurts is guest-heavy. And none is more noteworthy than Drake, who appears on “Talk To Me.” “When I was in jail, I was supposed to do something already. Everybody was telling me, but I had got my privileges taken,” Drakeo said to Zane Lowe. “They was telling me he had something for me, but I’m like, ‘Whatever, bro.’ I got out of jail and my engineer was like, “Why you don’t follow Drake?” I’m like, “He don’t follow me, bro.” Then I looked, and I’m like, “Oh yeah.” So I hit him up, I’m like, “Let’s do something.” And then he’s like, “What’s your number? I got this song I did for you.

“So I was like, yo, this is crazy, right? It’s really an accomplishment for me, because I never thought none of this stuff would happen, just doing the tape,” he continues. “It just reminded me of me being in jail when I was like, ‘dang, I’m really here doing this tape.’ I’ve got Drake on here. It was kind of crazy to me. I never thought none of this stuff would happen. So I was kind of happy when I finished the tape.”

Hear it below.