Jawan x Tiffany “To Myself” (Video)

blame it on Wongo July 9, 2021

On their own, Jawan Harris and Tiffany Evans are not new to the music industry. Harris has worked with Chris Brown while Evans has collaborated with Ciara. On the other hand, the newly-formed duo Jawan x Tiffany are new to things, but one thing they will do is deliver new music as they grow as artists.

The pair returns with their latest single, “To Myself.” It’s a track that touches on the impenetrable chemistry that exists between a couple. Speaking about the track, Jawan x Tiffany said, “Communication is always key in any sort of relationship. With ‘To Myself,’ we wanted to empower people to not be afraid of being vulnerable. We can’t expect others to know how we feel if we never speak up.”

You can press play on the song in the video below.