TOBi & Mick Jenkins Are “Off The Drugs” On Their Collaborative Song

blame it on Meka July 14, 2021

2021 Juno Award winner TOBi, along with Mick Jenkins, is “Off The Drugs” with his latest single.

“When I smoke, I see things clearer and I’m way more aware. So I’m intentional about how I use it. I think more money should go into researching things like cannabis and mushrooms for their healing properties,” TOBi says. “Just the way I look at it, so many things are actually drugs—alcohol, gambling, even social media because it affects brain chemistry, but all that sh*t is legal. Whereas things that can legitimately heal if properly understood and done correctly are stigmatized, it’s wild. Mick came thru and bodied the verse as he should, and we’ve got a video on the way too. I just wanna live life to the fullest and enjoy this while it lasts. Life to me is a good trip if you let it be.”

Listen to it below.