Saba Taps G Herbo for “Survivor’s Guilt” Single

blame it on Shake January 28, 2022

It’s been three long years since Saba released an album (2018’s incredible Care For Me), but the gifted Chicago artist is finally ready to deliver again – with his third album, Few Good Things, dropping next week (Feb. 4).

“Thank you to everyone who waited. I can’t believe I’m writing this right now but I’m ready,” Saba said while announcing the album. “With everything going on, it gets hard to take your time. It’s something I find valuable in my own art. But y’all have grown with me through years of this sh*t now. And I’m extremely grateful.”

“I’ve both lost so much and gained so much since the last go round. These last few years have been eternities for me,” he continued. “This next one is special to me.”

After kicking things off with “Fearmonger” and following it up with “Come My Way” with Krayzie Bone, Saba keeps things in motion with a third pre-album release, “Survivor’s Guilt” featuring G Herbo.

Check it out below.