Kid Capri Drops Third Album, ‘The Love’

blame it on Meka February 9, 2022

Twenty-four years after the release of his sophomore album, Soundtrack to the Streets (the original home of an unheralded Jay-Z banger, “It’s Like That“), legendary New York turntablist Kid Capri released his third album The Love.

“My family is the Love: Vina Love, I’m David Love, my moms,” Capri explained to Flaunt. “It’s about the love of what we’re doing and what I’ve been doing, for the love of what I got. Just grateful for everything I’m doing. Overall, that’s what we need around this time right now.

“I decided to do it because I felt like doing it,” he continued. “With me seeing a few other things around that inspired me to do it, but I just felt like it. I felt like making something. Producing the whole thing, writing the whole thing, performing the whole thing. I didn’t ask nobody for no help on it, just doing my thing with it. I’m hoping people like it. It’s something for everybody.”

Stream The Love below.