Fly Anakin Drops ‘Frank’ Album

blame it on Shake March 11, 2022

Although I might’ve caught on to the Mutant Academy wave a little late, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed any and everything the Virigina-based collective has released in the last few years. And while I haven’t heard everything, yet, I am doing my best to take in all their previous work. Today is about the present, though, with the co-founding member Fly Anakin releasing his debut album, Frank.

The word “debut” is a little misleading, though, as Anakin already has 20+ projects under his belt. But there’s really no reason to get caught up in titles these days. “I called this one my debut because it cost the most money to make,” Anakin told Stereogum in a recent interview. “It’s the first budget, the first time my shit was mastered. It’s the first one of that kind.”

Semantics aside, whether this is FA’s first project or his 30th, one fact remains: this sh*t is dope!

Anchored by the Evidence-produced “Sean Price” and LIKE-laced “Ghost” with longtime DopeHouse resident Nickelus F, the 17-track project features additional contributions from Madlib (“No Dough“), Pink Siifu (who just released a deluxe edition of GUMBO with 10 new songs), Billz Egypt, Henny L.O, ohbliv, Foisey, Jay Versace, Big Kahuna OG, and a few others.

  1. “Love Song (Come Back)”
  2. “Dontbeafraid” ft. Henny L.O.
  3. “Sean Price”
  4. “Underdog Theme”
  5. “Kenneth Cole Collections” (Skit)
  6. “WaxPoetic”
  7. “Black Be The Source” ft. Pink Siifu & Billz Egypt
  8. “Ghost” ft. Nickelus F
  9. “Class Clown” (Interlude)
  10. “Bread” (Skit)
  11. “No Dough”
  12. “Grammy Snubnose”
  13. “Bad Business (Killswitch)”
  14. “Poisonous Primates”
  15. “Fly Away” (Skit)
  16. “Telepathic” ft. Big Kahuna OG
  17. “Bag Man”

Press play and be sure to add Frank wherever you get music.