Leikeli47 Drops Third Album, ‘Shape Up’

blame it on Meka May 13, 2022

The finale that includes her 2017 debut album Wash & Set and 2018’s Acrylic, Leikeli47 has released her latest album Shape Up.

Shape Up truly feels like my first album. It’s the craziest feeling,” says Leikeli. “I feel like this is my first time out and no one knows me. I’m finally about to embark on a journey where I’m diving into my fans and they’re diving into me. It’s a fun process.

“When you’re going through it, you don’t have the mindset to just look up and appreciate the work. It took me a while to realize this, but Acrylic was my celebration of the struggle, but I only know that now,” she continues. “Shape Up is the defining moment where it just all made sense. I looked at the things that didn’t fold me and I just said, ‘I’m here.’”  

Anchored by the singles “Chitty Bang”, “Zoom”, “BITM”, and “LL Cool J,” the 14-song features a lone feature from Miss J Alexander. Stream the album below.