Quelle Chris Shares ‘DEATHFAME’ Album

blame it on Meka May 13, 2022

Following 2020’s Innocent Country 2, Quelle Chris returns with DEATHFAME.

“Getting to this album, there was a lot of breaking and rebuilding,” Quelle explained to OKP. “There’s cleaning up from alcoholism, there’s getting diagnosed with mental things that my entire life I’ve never even put weight on but explained so much. That’s something that I’ve seen happen with so many people I know over these last two years. And I think it is from that being stuck inside with yourself for a long period of time. And then, when you have all these escapisms, it’s easy to feel natural in certain faults or chaos because you have things to merit them. When it’s just you and your wife, or just you and your kids, or just you and your husband, or just you and your partner, and you have nothing to really bounce it off of? Yeah, you have to face a lot of sh*t and do a lot of work.”

A 14-song album, production on DEATHFAME comes from Quelle himself along with Chris Keys and Knxwledge, with features from the likes of Pink Siifu, Moruf, Denmark Vessey, and others. THe project is anchored by “So Tired You Can’t Stop Dreaming” with Navy Blue.

Stream it below.