Phony Ppl Returns With ‘euPHONYus’ Album

blame it on Meka November 18, 2022

Welcome back, Phony Ppl!

The Brooklyn-reared quintet of Elbee Thrie, Aja Grant, Matthew “MaffYuu” Byas, Elijah Rawk, and Bari Bass have dropped their first project since 2018’s mō’zā-ik, euPHONYus. “euPHONYus is a harmonic celebration of sound and color through rhythm and melody; a jubilant event where you acknowledge the beauty of sound through concert/dance/ living,” the band says. “Long before we were born, we made a vow to never make the same album twice, and this is another chapter in the evolution of who yaBoy phony ppl Grows up to be! It’s enticement, it’s about comfort, familiarity and the safety and security that comes with that.”

A 12-track release, the likes of Megan Thee Stallion, JoJoLeon Thomas iiiThe Soul Rebels, Ivan Barias, and KAYTRANADA are among the contributors to the album. The project is led by the singles “Nowhere But Up,” Megan-guested “Fkn Around,” and “dialtone.”

Stream euPHONYus below.