Joe Budden: Returned Ransom Note

Less than 12 hours after the people over at DX reached out to Ransom about the beef between him and Joe Budden; they got the other side of the story from Joey. I guess they gotta keep the turn-around time the same as the diss records haha. Joe also goes into his Def Jam leave, Mood Muzk 3, Jay-Z and says that the ALBUM will be out this summer no matter who it is through.

"I don’t know, that I don’t know. I think maybe he might have had some issues with me prior too, and just used that as a scapegoat and a reason to start dissing me out of the blue. Either that, or he could’ve really felt like I disrespected him or had some malicious intent towards him. That would be stupid, that’s my man, but Lord knows some of the things that go on in these people’s heads." - Joe Budden on why he thinks Ransom recorded the first "diss" record.

Check the entire interview over at HipHopDX.

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