Suge Knight Gets KO'd!?!

Haha, this lightens my mood. Especially after watching the Lakers lose in OT. Dah well, back to LA tied up. According to TMZ (great source I know!) Suge got leveled Saturday night at Shag Nightclub in Hollywood. Apparently Suge and his goons rushed some dude who owed him money. The guy they rushed got up and landed a right hook to Suge's domepiece, knocking him out for three minutes?!? Meka, weren't you wondering why no one went after Suge? Ha, guess they do. EDIT: HipHopDX has the inside scoop. More pics after the jump...

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  • yess!

  • uuuuwwwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaat!?!?! (c) Chris Griffin

  • restless

    its amazing how much of a "legacy" Suge Knight has.. i've seen this story EVERYWHERE (alot non-hiphop related)...

  • Damn, diz nigga got knockd da FUCK out! lol

  • Ebz


  • Dat_nigga_chris

    damn dude leant his ass

  • sCass

    damn 3minutes??? ahhaha

  • The guy that knocked him out = Craig
    Suge = Deebo


  • Bueller?

    On behalf of the NSSBITPS ( National Suge Shoulda Been In The Passenger Seat) League Of America, I would like to extend my gratitude to the nigga who sucker punched a giant, and probably got that infamous scene from "American Me" re-enacted on that ass by that skeleton crew over there at "Tha Row", or whatevr they calling themselves now......

  • ooooooooooooooh he gets his ass kicked by some kinda chinese kung fu master or some?
    I like the: suge = deebo

  • VA

    tsk tsk tsk.....this is worse than when Mike Tyson got dropped, suge was always looked at a straight up invincible/

  • that dude

    damn that's sad, this dude was talking all that mess about being a boss and not being to toughest dude out there, and looked what happened...somebody gave him a good running for his's what he gets for talking all that mess to skinny ole snoop...better get cha weight up homie and learn how to dodge a

  • Ebz

    or learn to take one and recover lol.

  • sight

    I know the dude who knock him out go 2

  • poor person

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  • Ms Tara – Dallas Tx

    that's what ur big azz get thinking u that big & bad.. Look at you now.. wobbley knees and all. u got knocked the fuck out.. who's the man now???

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  • well Suge is kinda old... makes sense... I still wouldn't fuck with him though.

  • "mama said knock you out!"
    punk fat fckin nigger has always needed his entourage to handle his shit. that or to hold them down while he bitch slaps em. once a punk...always a punk! KO motherfcker! right on!
    change your FN name to Good Knight! :-)

  • The Reals

    Man fuck that punk ass nigga, suges a punk ass chump anyways. That moon crickets bitch ass is goin to get knocked the fuck out again too...Hes a Boss yeah what a joke, He needs to use his boss skills and clean that floor with his ass again..Glass jaw, falls like sugar..



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