Suge Knight Gets KO’d!?!

blame it on Shake May 11, 2008

Haha, this lightens my mood. Especially after watching the Lakers lose in OT. Dah well, back to LA tied up. According to TMZ (great source I know!) Suge got leveled Saturday night at Shag Nightclub in Hollywood. Apparently Suge and his goons rushed some dude who owed him money. The guy they rushed got up and landed a right hook to Suge’s domepiece, knocking him out for three minutes?!? Meka, weren’t you wondering why no one went after Suge? Ha, guess they do. EDIT: HipHopDX has the inside scoop. More pics after the jump…

  • yess!

  • uuuuwwwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaat!?!?! (c) Chris Griffin

  • restless

    its amazing how much of a “legacy” Suge Knight has.. i’ve seen this story EVERYWHERE (alot non-hiphop related)…

  • Damn, diz nigga got knockd da FUCK out! lol

  • Ebz


  • Dat_nigga_chris

    damn dude leant his ass

  • sCass

    damn 3minutes??? ahhaha

  • The guy that knocked him out = Craig
    Suge = Deebo


  • Bueller?

    On behalf of the NSSBITPS ( National Suge Shoulda Been In The Passenger Seat) League Of America, I would like to extend my gratitude to the nigga who sucker punched a giant, and probably got that infamous scene from “American Me” re-enacted on that ass by that skeleton crew over there at “Tha Row”, or whatevr they calling themselves now……

  • ooooooooooooooh he gets his ass kicked by some kinda chinese kung fu master or some?
    I like the: suge = deebo

  • VA

    tsk tsk tsk…..this is worse than when Mike Tyson got dropped, suge was always looked at a straight up invincible/untouchable….wow

  • that dude

    damn that’s sad, this dude was talking all that mess about being a boss and not being to toughest dude out there, and looked what happened…somebody gave him a good running for his money..lol..that’s what he gets for talking all that mess to skinny ole snoop…better get cha weight up homie and learn how to dodge a punch..lol…hahahaha

  • Ebz

    or learn to take one and recover lol.

  • sight

    I know the dude who knock him out go 2 myspace.com/djsightakawilliemaze

  • poor person

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  • Ms Tara – Dallas Tx

    that’s what ur big azz get thinking u that big & bad.. Look at you now.. wobbley knees and all. u got knocked the fuck out.. who’s the man now???

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  • well Suge is kinda old… makes sense… I still wouldn’t fuck with him though. http://www.makellbird.info

  • “mama said knock you out!”
    punk fat fckin nigger has always needed his entourage to handle his shit. that or to hold them down while he bitch slaps em. once a punk…always a punk! KO motherfcker! right on!
    change your FN name to Good Knight! :-)

  • The Reals

    Man fuck that punk ass nigga, suges a punk ass chump anyways. That moon crickets bitch ass is goin to get knocked the fuck out again too…Hes a Boss yeah what a joke, He needs to use his boss skills and clean that floor with his ass again..Glass jaw, falls like sugar..



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