Doo Wop to Lil Wayne: “Fuck You.” (Video)

blame it on Meka May 30, 2008


Ouch. Spotted at the one and only plantation.

  • Al Kaholic

    god damn, doo wop went in on that fool.

  • da bouncemasta’s legacy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wayne’s life.


  • ebz

    oh snaps…..

  • P.S.A


    killed him.

  • Casso


    Doo Wop did more in depth reporting for this than The Source and XXL have ever put into any of their stories.

    So if Wayne is the best rapper alive AND as fucking stupid as he sounds in this video, what does that say about the state of hip hop in 2008?

  • Casso

    Sorry for the double post, but I just listened to Wayne’s interview with the Foundation Mixtape mag. The interviewer sucks. He lets Wayne run the conversation. He doesn’t ask any tough questions like: “If you hate mixtape DJs, then why the fuck are you doing an interview with a MIXTAPE DJ MAGAZINE?” and “Why the fuck do you hate mixtape DJs when they made your career? Arthur Nobel surely didn’t hate the gunpowder producers who made him rich” and “Do you even know what the fuck you’re saying?”

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