Tyga Responds to Getting Chain Snatched (Video)

blame it on Shake June 27, 2008

[dailymotion id=x5xgwv]

Tyga responds to the rumors and whatnot about 40 Glocc snatching his chain. He shot me the email and I was hoping he didn’t come with the “fuck you I didn’t get robbed, I’m a superhero” type response. But he was real about the whole situation. I respect this for sure. New mixtape, Slaughter House, dropping soon.

  • it tygaman

  • sloop

    velour suits and k swiss…tahts what i where to the bars every night

  • He’s kinda a cutie but anyways….lol he said these nigga try to pawn the shit lol…. hmmm so 40’s people robbed the niggas that robbed him….dude’s supposed to be out in the streets really this gay lol gonna rob the robber. Too many chains smh lol but w/e it’s his shit.

  • shAdy

    lil nigga’s cool. Might buy his album for my lil cousin or somethin…


    i’m not a Tyga fan at all but i feel what dude is saying. This whole new school ol school argument is garbage to me. Its supply and demand simple and plain. Don’t be mad at these pop hip hop acts be mad that you didn’t teach your little kids about The Roots and Common. My daughetr is 6 and loves Soulja boy..I’m grown Im not suppossed to like it, its not for me..but I can’t hate dude or tyga for finding a market and getting his doe…For every one pop act, you can find 2 real MCs if you just look. Pull out your cassettes and show the younger hip hop heads whats up..i bet when you were banging NWA back in the day some older heards thought you were an idiot for liking them…Same damn thing.

  • well said.

  • art_of_wordz

    I agree with Jeweler.Any of these old dudes complaining about soulja boy is just Lame.Nobody was pissed at Kriss Kross,Da Brat,Another Bad Creation,Humpty,Doo Doo Brown,Mc Brain etc etc.Where was Ice-T when the drug,gun,murder rap entered.It seems thats what some think is real hip-hop.I`ve never seen anyone get shot or killed over Superman Shake It Like Salt Shaker”maybe high blood pressure yeah”.This mess is just backwards violent music that breed violent people is ok,but people come with some ole party and sex and OH Hip Hop is dying.Sad.

  • oh shit doo doo brown!

  • woodini69

    i agree!! i saw tyga at the house of blues.. that nigga had his jeeeeewly!!! hahah what u guys think about his new album im downloading it rite now .

  • E-Side LBC

    @ woodini69 Go Buy That. His Mixtapes Are Better Though.

  • Tyga is real to me…He aint playin no role….If u heard his album, u know….He is just a positive cat, not too lyrical, but in his attitude and swag, he reminds of a bit of some kats from my era like The Native and all that….He is good for hip-hop…

    Question, to y’all though, is he categorized as a hipster?

  • Um Da Brat was pretty nice though and that type of music like kriss kross and sh-t didn’t overpower you know actual good music *rolls eyes* so saying well it’s making money and it’s supply and demand makes me mad too it’s sounding like it’s being excused.

    Nah I don’t see how Tyga can be pigeon-holed as a hipster…yet.

  • Frisco

    juss cuz he shed light on it doesn’t change the fact that he got his chain snatched and the people who took it got paid for it. tyga lost

  • Meh most don’t get it back and it didn’t come out of his pockets lol so not really.

  • keya

    ok ok I can honestly say that I respect him just for being real and not acting like the shit didnt happen cuz niggaz get famous and feel they untouchable it aint like that in this case.

  • keya

    but what took so long for him to tell what happened?

  • Tyga cool as hell mad respect