J. Cole x Chris Focus x Shawn Chrystopher x U-N-I – Live At LMU (Video)

blame it on Meka November 12, 2008

[vimeo 2218960]

At an LMU show last Saturday (that I was supposed to attend, but I ended up passing out on my couch and missed it having other plans), some (2)Dope favorites spat hot fiyah for the crowd. Here’s some footage courtesy of Eazee, who has pictures as well. Above is “Supreme,” below is another “Hollywood Hiatus” sighting and a freestyle.

[vimeo 2219054]

[vimeo 2219132]

  • southwest

    what happened to the rest of the freestyle..??

    low key THE CIRCUIT went in on that shit harder then everyone else there…..

    they were the only ones that actually FREESTYLED

    be real…

    and they also performed at the event….


    you can check it out here and DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE:


    quit sleeping…

    real shit

  • xmen

    umm yeah the circuit, language artz and curtains went way harder..

  • LanguageArtz

    thank you xmen..u can find us and curtains here..vimeo.com/languageartz
    or LanguageArtz.com of course..

  • nxtinline

    Damnn whats with all the Hate in here, cant ya leave it as everyone did they thing…. them boys on here sound like they went hard to me

  • The General

    I was there…these were the best there..so it dont matter

    quit hatin…INGLEWOOD STAND UP!

  • LanguageArtz

    Yes Inglewood please stand up!!!..and there is def no need for hatred everyone there def did there thing..i hope they have more events like this..it was great to see alot of LA artists in one place..and great we have 2dopeboyz to support us

  • southwest

    no hate… just curious why they didn’t have the whole session…

    the show was dope tho fa sho

    The Circuit, J Cole, Aloe Black, Exile, and U-N-I all tore shit up

  • the whole session was not taped by me because 1. those three are friends and supporters of my blog and 2. the camera was having problems…happens when you don’t have the camcorder…just the video option on the digital camera. On my blog i explain how I couldn’t even get video of my boy STIX who was one of the last cats and had the crowd moving with him. One of the homies at the show was taping the whole thing…when I get my hands on it I’ll post at least the freestyle session over at http://www.eazeest.com

    it was a good show for all i caught and from what i was brought up to speed with…all the participants got down…and like LanguageArts said it was good to see all those LA artists in the spot

    another big show will be Nov. 21st at the 2nd Street Jazz Lounge in Downtown LA

  • Damn I was supposed to go to this event! I was late as always! I actually went up to LMU but by the time found the place it was pretty much over!

    My boy HOPE performed and I know he tore it up! Please check him out! Fresh 2 Def!

    Anyway Im glad all these artists came together! Hopefully they can do it again!
    Shoutout to Shawn Chrystopher! Holdin it down!

    Check Out my site The4thQuarter.net

  • shmee

    the circuit kicked the best FREESTYLES ..errbody else had decent writtens..lmao…

    great performances all around tho…

  • what up errybody…!

    this is your boy Marvel The Gr8 from The Circuit…. shout out to all the emcees that came thru and held it down… no need for any hostility…. shit like this makes me happy cuz it just shows the world that Westcoast Rap is still here…. i honestly hope that everyone that came out at least had a good time (cuz that is really all that matters)… and YES there needs to be more events like this….

    shout out to the homies from U-N-I, Chris Focus, Shawn Chrys, J.Cole, and Lang Artz… i have nothing but love for all these guys….

    the ONLY thing holding back the new school of west coast rappers is HATING

    so we should stop all that cuz we are all dope plus we are all from the same coast


    ain’t it the truth??

    hit us on myspace:

    or hit me on my personal page:

  • LanguageArtz

    Yooo… im uploading the full version, should have been done but its 663MB and keeps getting some error..so hopefully this 3rd time will work..and the people can see this great event in its entirety…Marvel and Eazee i will get you the link for sure…glad to see this post has caused conversation…Eazee whats good with that Nov 21st show?? We need to be there..ill holla back when the upload finishes..ill holla

  • LanguageArtz

    oh and Soutwest..my bad..shit maybe 2dbz will just post it and i dont have to CC anyone..lol i wont be lazy if not…Inglewood!!!!! Its friday why not

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