B.o.B – Who The F#@K Is B.o.B (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka November 16, 2008

So while I’m watching Ninja Warrior – because just about all those burly Asians that spend months climbing mountains, slap-boxing bulls and whatnot just to compete in something akin to a human Donkey Kong would put up more of a fight in a football game than the Eagles, but I’m just saying – B-Rich just sent me this mixtape full of B.o.B goodness. Tracklist & link under the cut…

DOWNLOAD: B.o.B – Who The F#@K Is B.o.B (Mixtape)

  • Big_E

    wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!!?? wasnt ready 4 this at all lol.

  • SWEET…. AND the RapidShare link from Sharebee is still working…
    Thank you Meka.

  • Naturesplague

    im not really feeling B.O.B but I definetly got respect for him.

  • economist


  • b.o.b…who the fuck is he? lol

  • atl

    damn no cover or tags but good looking!

  • JT

    Blu, Wale, Cudi and B.o.B right now for me.

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  • sac-a-indo

    b.o.b and traxamillion?! oh boy..

  • Nick

    Cant wait to listen to this

  • ninja warrior is the shit and as is b.o.b

  • visions of imperfections*

    You know i’ve kinda slept on b.o.b for a while now but, im gradually starting to get into his in his stuff.

  • TheLastEmperor

    been waiting for this

  • MPLS

    WTF the DJ yelling garabge is 2x the volume of the actual song, had to change my volume in the ride so much I just said fuck it.

  • ketchums

    Good looks fam’ron…huge B.o.B. fan, so I’m always ready for a new project from him

  • Kraunik

    Im not really feelin B.o.B. yet but ima give this mixtape a shot…

  • This is something that I definitely need. Good looking out

    *daps Shake*


    damn! this seriously came outta nowhere…always a fan of tha Heavy In The Streets tapes…props!

  • yasser

    Honestly I never gave B.o.B. a listen till Sittin on Top of the World came out, been hopin to get a good mixtape since then. Good looks.

  • CappaIsBack!!

    yes please…

  • yerrrp

  • dj’s OD….
    they sure know how to ruin some shit.
    really dj spinz??? smh.

  • That cover makes me want to have a seizure. Really.

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  • sloop

    how did i miss this

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  • silentpreditor

    yea you already know b.o.b the new king of the south

  • everybody

    We need a no DJ version of this, its unlistenable otherwise.

  • DVski

    cotdamn DJ ruined this experience for me

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  • me

    wtf it cant find the file so i cant download

  • public

    Yeah the DJs completely ruined this mixtape, they’re obnoxious as fuck with fequent long ass namedrops that are loud as fuck. Is there a DJ free version of this?

  • DWrec
  • joe

    the file download dosnt work anymore

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  • JMck

    Anyone got a No DJ version of this yet? So on point cept for the wack tag bull….

  • Pitter

    yeah i realize this post is mad old but if anybody has the no dj for this i’d dig it

  • c_block

    B.o.B and SAM ADAMS is who im listenin to right now dope ass shit

  • CHIP

    it doesnt work anymore :(

    i want it…. can anybody help me out?!!! PLS

  • Cuzzbuzz

    Yo lonely people and use your love are dope

  • andrew

    whooooo the fuck is B.O.B lol he is so fuckin awsome he is my mentoe