H.O.P.E. – H-O-P-E

blame it on Meka January 31, 2009

We’ve dropped off many a single of H.O.P.E., and you likely saw him rip the mic to pieces on Before There Was Love, now here’s his latest cut (and yes, it’s an actual song this time peoples). Props to Chris.

DOWNLOAD: H.O.P.E. – H-O-P-E | Mediafire

  • Definitely a track that showcases H.O.P.E.’S lyricism and steez.

  • twoface

    h.o.p.e…. the rap game actually does have some

  • curtisjackson


  • YG

    LV sunglasses but focus on the song dog, you did notice the song right?

  • curtisjackson

    song is hot but the shades are HOTTER.

  • BliZz

    Good shit!

  • iROCSupraS

    Saw dude perform with UNI @ the Key Club. Dude mos def can spit.


  • Max

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan where is drake mixtape? ha i def thought it would be out by the last day of january

  • YG

    what does this have to do with the drake mixtape?

  • Max

    nothing at all, but there is no forum or something to ask questions so my apologies, *****HOPE is nice with it*****

  • YG

    lol no worries fam, ionno when drakes drops, soon i think did u check his blog?

  • Max

    ya they said by january, so it should be really soon.

  • Big_E

    this is sum clean ish right here…feelin dude and this trak…

  • Yeeeeeaaaaaah….H.O.P.E. is comin! (pause)

  • LOL @ Thurz comment

    Good shit from H.O.P.E.

    Follow the Leader is coming ya’ll!!


  • Lite

    ^lol… smh

    …you niggas dont want war… im war backwards

  • Lite

    why are u the only nigga w/ a picture Jae? lol

  • YG

    did you mean raw by that? cause if you did that’s mighty clever!

  • YG

    thats how you know hes on this shit too much!

  • I have no idea lite lol

  • KiD Robot

    Im Loving this track right now! H.O.P.E. is sick!

  • C-Mak

    New Weezy F.!
    Amazing Love – Lil Wayne !REBIRTH!

  • Magic721

    ^^^Indeed. True artists like this one remind my why I LOVE HIP HOP!

  • dustbag85

    yo drakes mixtape should b out around vday.. u know he gon try impress the ladies…. but he been killen shit

  • Jersey
  • hater

    yall niggas dont want want war im war backwards

    old as hell jay-z been said that

  • ELY

    ^^^”y’all niggas don’t want want war/ y’all got it backwards y’all should want raw”-Hov on “get throwed”

  • The Man

    DOPE. That’s really all I have to say to explain this track…the beat is so honest and goes great with his lyrics…2nd verse is very nice ” I was Yves Saint Lyrant when niggas thought it was a street”. Cali mos def has some talent coming out…keep it coming!

  • SuperVillianRhys

    I need this and drakes mixtape man ! Both coming this month right ?

  • Good Shit Fareal Fam

  • hot hot NOW!!!!!!!!!!! my ish.

    love his rendetioon love lotus!!!

  • Follow The Leader! Dope! Mixtape coming sooner than you think!

    Upset that I wont be able to make HOPE’s videoshoot!

    Check out http://The4thQuarter.net

  • Bishop7Point

    craazy this the same sample that was on that just cruising track by jo well and dviosuminds , flipped a different way, im feelin both!

  • lorenzo

    hands down…H.O.P.E. is the best in LA, and soon to be the world!

  • Kevin

    Wow…very surprised @ this, dude can mos def spit? When does dude’s cd come out?

  • ProducT

    hands down…H.O.P.E. is the best in LA, and soon to be the world!


    Hmmm…i dont know about alll that Lorenzo, dude is cool but best in LA, u got niggas out here killing shit…im not a believer yet, still a dope track though not hating, but best in LA…a tad early for that talk