QuESt – Distant Travels Into Soul Theory (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake March 2, 2009

We’ve been telling ya’ll about this amazing project for quite some time. And now… QuESt’s adventure over looped out soul samples from the 70’s is finally here. The first of many dopeRoots presentations you bastids! Now hit the jump, as QuESt tells you a story about a relationship that’s gone bad.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: QuESt – Distant Travels Into Soul Theory

  • mike

    been waitin on this shit!

  • Cesc

    Shakezilla on his grind tonight as usual. Thanks for this bluuuuuud!

  • Cesc

    Dope artwork btw..

  • KevinS

    OHHHHHHH BAAAABY! I wasn’t feeling his Reinforcements mixtape for some odd reason, but was definitely looking forward to this.

  • i’ve actually been looking forward to this quietly…i respect and follow my fellow up-and-coming artists. hip-hop, ya know? downloading now though…good looks.

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  • Steve_O

    Good to see Lyriciss ain’t on some arrogant “i don’t listen to no other artists” shit, lol. The Day Job is very dope.

    Can’t wait to hear this QuEST tape now.

  • black

    been waiting all day for this

  • Steve_O


    Reinforcements was “just a reminder to download his previous mixtape “Where’s My Rhymebook”


  • Tmo

    lets see how it goes

  • Steve_O

    Well Nino Bless was put on the back burner and I’m not sure when I’ll be taking this one off play. This tape is AMAZING!! I’m only 8 tracks in and this is better than any mixtape I’ve heard in recent memory. This is one of those rare occasions where the music, lyrics, and vibe of the overall project mesh so well that you hope the album doesn’t end. “so muhfuckin soulful!”

  • Ryan C

    ive been sleeping on him for no apparent reason.. im gonna actually check this one out tho. thanks/peace

  • untruthfully_truthful

    dude can spit. i wanna hear him on some real production.

  • holy shit this is fuckin amazin
    the whole thing is like a movie or sumthin
    im only like 4 tracks in tho haha

  • Dope…

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  • Definitely been waiting on this joint! Downloading now.

  • untruthfully_truthful

    yea quest deserve mad props for this shit for real, these are topics I can relate to …

  • This mixtape is too fuckin fresh!

  • @Steve_O

    yeah, i think it’s corny when rappers say that, because most of them are lying. they listen to other rappers…they just feel it’s cooler to say they don’t. the same way everyone went through their whole “i’m not a rapper” phase. that was why me and Pro used that on the hook to “The Rapture”…it’s so obvious that we’re rappers…LOL

    Peace & Hip-Hop

  • Jae

    fuck rappers!!!
    now check out my new mixtape…lol
    but yea, the tape is pretty dope.
    the mixing is ridiculous, sounds like he was there when the originals were made

  • lynx

    the ‘just my imagination track’ on here is ridiculous


  • Tuck

    I was just about to say that “Just My Imagination” is unreal.
    Its actually perfect.
    This shit was all my pops listened to, this is bringing me back

  • wujabes

    is it just my imagination, or is this guy fucking dope.

  • showtime

    This shitis hot reminds me of Lupe Fiasco’s and he gets the girl record

  • yo!!!

    very enjoyable

  • i remeber reading something about this tape a long time ago..computer space is the only thing stoppin me from downloading it but i might..he’s dope thou..his voice sounds like early jay-z thou..lyrics wise he’s nice..

  • Lyfe

    Ay CHeck Out Quest Feat. Kyle Lucas Coming NEXT WEEK

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  • Flen

    this a serious tape right here, quest u already kno i got u, i knew this was serious when we started gettin the samples togetha lol but erbody look forward to the nex one

  • justhime

    This shit is hot! About 8 tracks into it right now, and i know i will have this whole tape on repeat for awhile.

  • Ehh I wasn’t really feelin this all like that.

  • Artz

    I`m loving this,specially how he uses old songs instead of trying to just use a sample from them.Lets hope he stays this pure.

  • brian

    I can appreciate the concept, but i’m not feeling it.

  • Wale

    this ish is tight

  • CyFy

    Ay is there another place i can download this cuz it wont let me from that site =*(

  • That Dude

    yea, illroots.com doperoots connection!

    and this mixtape is ridiculous…one of the best I’ve come across in a WHILE

  • CyFy

    Ay That Dude I Tried It Again But It Still WOnt Work =*(

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  • “This shit is hot reminds me of Lupe Fiasco’s and he gets the girl record”. I’m downloading this right now just off of the juice that you said that. A lot of people are Nyquil-type sleep on how fly that Lupe track was. I hope this mixtape lives up to the reputation yall are giving it.

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  • randyc

    nice tape kids got skillz

  • Steph

    I forgot to comment on this but wow. Crazy talent

  • This was amazing, i simply couldn’t stop listenin to it.. Also i like his delivery!

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  • Denial

    one of the better mixtapes i’ve heard in a while.

  • skYWeeZy

    nvr heard of tha dude but im dwnldin it now. reminz me of suma mY experiencez

  • skYWeeZy

    “LISTEN TOY UR HEART” NICE.. he uses lots of ‘delfonics’ samples which i like

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  • *wakes up*


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  • this shit is DOPE… and no, i’m not saying that to be like “oh he’s just another artist nobody knows about that I can clam they ain’t up on.” glad I woke up and got some sense… lol hopefully niggas stop sleeping on cats like him, Nero, Tiron, and U-N-I yo. This is very soulful, lovin’ it.

  • bank$

    what the games been missing. this is by far the most soulful and dopest mixtape i have downloaded this year thus far.

  • Siike

    Any more albums like this, i mean with this concept/theme.. just broke up with my girl and really feeling it

  • MillerTime

    absolutely dope

  • I gota say. This is dope. I appreciate a good record absent of a bunch of bitches and hoes. They didn’t even make an appearance. I mean, they didn’t show up once. It’s good to hear a brother being honest and spitting over some great soul classics. I almost shed a tear. Can’t wait for the next one. Rockin’.

  • lol I slept on dude. time to DL this ‘tape

  • i deff slept on this, but after being dissed so many times(BH).. i hope quest changes my opinon wit this mixtape

  • you need to re-up this. immediately. because i’m so damn late.

  • *downloading* cant wait to hear what its sounding like! *props*

  • 1

    remains the best release of 2009 in my opinion. any genre.

  • StyleZ.

    Best tape of 2009

  • White Spyda

    This shit is hot, i wish i heard about this earlier though

  • JuNouMi

    Great album, thank very much for sharing it with us!

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