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The Black Sunn & Mydus – Born Alone, Die Alone (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake May 22, 2009

So, this is the project that Mydus & I have been working on for the past two months..It’s something that I’m proud I can say we finished because from my view I put everything into every lyric I wrote down & spit for it..& that’s simply because Mydus brought beats to the table that were just insane, it was impossible not to.. I want to show the world that Baltimore has a voice that’s more than just drug dealing and murder..some people may not like that but I’m not one to hold back what I gotta say..So I’m asking you to download this and if you enjoy it, give it to someone else who you believe would love it too..& just keep it movin’..That’s all I ask..I hope you enjoy what we’ve brought to the world.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: The Black Sunn & Mydus – Born Alone, Die Alone [via illRoots]

  • Dre

    Im thinking about downloading this maybe i will It Needs some more attractive artwork though cause for an indie artist people not gonna see your face and say “danm that mixtape looks DOPE” their gonna pass it up cause they never heard of you before. but thats not me i listen to indie artist i mean if it is on this site it must be dope

  • Dre

    And if there is any indie artist out there looking for artwork i will make you a cover for free!!!!!!!!! only if you are serious about your music though and you gotta be good

  • My dude right here. This shit needs more looks.

  • TheLastEmperor

    I’ll peep this

  • yowaa

    no doubt i’ll give it a look.

  • Myth_Seeker

    it’s fire..good looks on this dude.

  • doomsamonster

    this is how MD does it

  • Illestinthecity

    Yeah this shit dope

  • BUMP…everyone needs to hear this

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  • imma check it out.

  • Dewbius

    This Shit Blew My Fuckin’ Mind

  • doomsamonster

    this dudes a beast…he must get exposure

  • dude has elevated a lot since Dawn of the Black Sunn

  • Evince

    Yea this tape is crazy. Tell a friend to tell a friend…

  • O.BOY

    Wow, I remember about a year back Black Sunn requested me as a myspace friend lol.. he was needing some design work done, but i had to turn him down unfortunately. loved his music then, and he was just a young dude with a myspace page yaknow… good to see him gettin some props on here!!

    Mr. Oliver ‘O.BOY’ Braun
    [email protected]