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Royce Da 5’9″ On Sound Session (Video)

blame it on Meka November 25, 2009

Soon after Slaughterhouse came through Sound Session, Royce returned to Seattle for another show and dropped by the studio again. This time, we wrapped up the Slaughterhouse project and looked towards his newly released Street Hop album. We also discussed his relationship with Eminem in detail, including his first interaction with Em and the early Bad Meets Evil sessions. It was a real dope convo covering a bunch of topics, so I’ve broken them up into 3 parts again. – DJ Hyphen

Check out parts two and three under the cut.

  • coool, need to hear them (unreleased) royce & em tracks!

  • pr99

    very dope interview

  • ck47


  • This is such exclusive stuff here. I love Royce the 5’9″. I always wondered, what would he do if he grew an inch. LuLz! I have been dying to use that joke. It is mad funny.
    I have to say, Royce is great. Although, sometimes his wordplay goes over my head. But, he is what I call Sickly. Peter agreed with me. I am waiting for a new slaugherhouse album. I think they should just get better beats.

    Did I ever tell you dudes my thought for a fifth member to round out the group?
    Well today is your lucky day, because I am going to break it down for yall.
    First, can anyone think of who or what is missing from Slaughterhouse?

    Buehler? (LuLz)

    Ok, they are missing an Emcee from the south. Because they pretty much have taxation with representation in the east coast, west coast and and midwest. They are just missing the south elemnt. So now we beg the question, who from the south can keep up with these dangerous MCs?

    Well I got the guy and it is none other then Mr. Bun B. I mean think about it. His name holds weight in the south and in houston. RIP Pimp C, but since he has passed, UGK is done. So why not induct big homey into slaughterhouse. Think about this for a minute, wouldnt it be sick? I mean Bun B is dope. Let me know what you dopeboys think. I mean, search your soul and speak the truth. Peace to each and everyone of you dopeboys 2 nite.

  • aaron

    @ Robbie Maynard The III

    you got j cole, phonte, stat quo, and a couple of others, but i’m waiting for that ONE dangerous MC from the south that ACTUALLY gets props from the south. it’s sad that you got north carolina niggas who rep nc hard that has NEVER heard of little brother nor j cole. there was a group in atlanta called short bus alumni that was the next big thing lyrically in the south, but they broke up.

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  • Jay

    A southern MC for slaugterhouse would be either J cole, Chamillionaire (Who recently raped over both a joe budden & royce beats) & Phonte from lil brother

  • y0

    The southern MC for Slaughterhouse would be Ludacris. End of Story.

  • LAKlocwork

    I think Trae Tha Truth would be the best fitting rapper from Houston and he’s got the hunger for it like these guys got, as much as I like Chamillionaire and I think he’s a good lyricist, his refusal to use profanity will always push him to the side, but as far as rough and rugged lyricism Trae all the way, hey that rhymed. man fuck trae! put me on that shit, haha!

  • SlaughterHouse is how it should be, 4/4.

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