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Kobe Bryant Talks Nike, Lil Wayne & Lebron James (Video)

blame it on Shake December 22, 2009

LIVE from the legendary L.A. Forum and former locker room to greats such as Magic Johnson, Shaq and Wilt Chamberlain, Javid sits down with Kobe Bryant after the global press introduction for his new sneaker. In this clip Kobe talks about how soccer was actually the inspiration for his latest basketball shoe, why Lil Wayne is his favorite rapper and tells us how the deal came together for the Nubeo Black Mamba Kobe Bryant Watch line which ranges from $25,000 – $285,000. Oh yeah, he also says who would win a one on one between him and the NBA’s other phenom Lebron James…

And although they won’t be going against each other one on one, this Christmas the Lakers take on destroy the Cavs. 22-4 bitches!

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  • lmao @ the end…

    He didn’t even hesitate when he answered that shit…

  • caliweed

    lebron is great, but people gotta quit mentioning him in the same breath as kobe..kobe has potential to set his own bar as the greatest. nothing on the court that jordan has done that kobe hasnt, but there is a lot kobe has done that jordan has not (cough 81 points cough). Only thing that seperates those two is championship rings. but lebron? please..he still needs to prove he is superior to dwade and carmelo before he even thinks about kobe. real talk..

  • LOL kobe was straight forward with the last question..”Im winning..1 on 1 im winning” hahaa

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  • Paul Pierce

    fuck the lakers nigga…

  • origa

    kobe is soo much better than lebron ….dwade is better than lebron…carmelo is almost as good as lebron….Lebron cannot shoot like dwade kobe and carmelo…kobe and wade got rings …lebron dont…kobe go wayy better footwork on tha court than lebron…ima stop now lol

  • san
  • $$$$

    @caliweed with the exception of 1 ring kobe was witness…shaq got all them damn rings Mike got all his in an era dominated by bigs he was the only guard holdin down homie.. back when hand checkin was allowed Mike still average 37 dnt play nigga Mike is the best ever

  • ImNotHatin


  • jussssayin

    @ caliweed…i notice that you say “but there is a lot kobe has done that jordan has not (cough 81 points cough)”, but isn’t that just one thing…couldn’t you just turn that around and say Jordan dropped 63 in the playoffs (highest point total by single player NBA record) even though he lost, he could still say he has that notch in his belt…at any rate, the easiest thing to say is that both of them are(was) the greatest for their generation…but like you also said, “the only thing that seperates them is rings”

  • frank

    haha damn kobe is real nice.. this coming from a wizard fan. Yall remmeber when gil dropped 60 and kobe ONLY had like 54. damn but yall for real kobe has been the best in the league since Shaq’s decline. ever since last summer kobe started working with kareem abdul jabar on his post game NO ONE CAN FUCK WITH HIM.

  • Andres Reyes

    Ofcourse KB is winning no doubt

  • D. $cience

    D. $cience aka Bryant Kobe have spoken…Kobe is better than Michael Jordan…yeah, I said it.

    *kicks back, relax, and anticipates the hate*

  • ninja please

    anybody that says kobe is better than jordan is delusional. or theyre one of those young cats who never really watched jordan hoop and kobe is all they know. either way, youre wrong.

    Mike > (insert any player)

  • D. $cience

    To ninja please:

    I said that to obviously shake some feathers, man. First of all, I absolutely LOVE Mike. And I’m not gonna pause that sh**, because his game was really phenomenal. BUT, that was the 90’s man…it’s just like Hip Hop heads and 90’s Rap, they don’t wanna let that sh** go. Same thing with Jordan fans, they don’t wanna let go the fact that there’s new blood. I know Mike is great, but it seems like there’s a better player that come along every decade. Remember, before Jordan was Magic & Bird, before Bird there was Dr. J, and so on. So are you denying that Kobe didn’t do better things or equally great things in the NBA for the past decade??? I’m not delusional, I just love greatness, and Kobe will be these kids Mike, Magic, and Bird in the future.

  • professor mike

    D. Science watch this video of Mike when he was young in this all star game, and get back at me.. Here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YDNe2MaAOc

  • jay jay

    For the poster that said FUCK Kobe……….. Fuck the Celtics and Paul fake ass Pierce.