Drake - Forever Live @ Lebron's 25th Birthday Party (Video)


Drizzy performs his cut over off 'Bron-Bron's docu-movie over at Pusha T's favorite baller's 25th birthday.

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  • yomomslikesit.

    ummmmm...drake rappin to lebron on stage looks real funny. #imjustsayin.

    i like this song tho.

  • ^^^

    "Like that Bron-Bron? I had that long time ago" - Lil Wayne

  • MJD


    Fail. Pusha T, not Lil Wayne.

  • Vin
  • T

    Major fail...@ E-Rich

    Dont talk about something you know nothing about...Thats the problem with hiphop and the internet....Cats think they can just watch a couple of youtube video's and know everything about hiphop....smh..

  • cobraclutch21

    Huge fail to E-rich.... you should be banded from ever commenting on 2dopeboyz ever again!!! I think Meka would agree wit that.

  • E-Rich

    Oh my God. It was a joke. I'm saying Lil Wayne is saying that about Drake.

    FUck it, you're all stupid.


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