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Drake – Fall For Your Type

blame it on Miss_Peas March 18, 2010

Supposed reference track for Jamie Foxx.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Fall For Your Type I Mediafire

  • FL

    Finally! Something from this dude that echoes his tape and not Young Money.

  • why Jonnie is better than Drizzy Fake:

  • **************************

    your bro robbie maynard could do better^

  • THE 412


  • @**************************…..that was extremely disrespectful

  • Chaz da beast

    Yo Jonnie dat track was nice stay up nigga…just stop spamming lol

  • 2dopegirl

    co-sign Chaz

  • JackTheCripper

    Yeah take that spam back to Hawaii. Oh and this shit sucks.

  • Sunny d

    drake stay makin hot shit fukk the haters

  • CH

    Damn this a hot track. Hope drake keeps it for himself

  • Jonnie we need to collaborate asap

  • Drake = Overrated

    LMAO Jonnie’s shit was WAAAY better than this wack ass Drake shit,,if I wanna hear R&B i’ll listen to some Usher or some shit not some Aubrey Graham bullshit

  • **************************

    lol at jonnie….faircall

  • ShaneMichaels

    @Drake = Overrated…YOU.ARE.A.HATER
    @JonnieHayward…that shit was hot where’d you get that beat from????

  • Big_E

    lol this nigga Robbie Maynard showed up on que

  • RSX

    Best song under 2 minutes ever.

  • lyric

    the mediafire link is really usershare…can you please reup a mediafire link…..

  • Jesus

    Ya’ll need to wake up!!! Jonnie has been postin fire in the c-section for a couple of months now!!!! Jonnie’s that nigga!!! You’ve got the official Jesus co-sign.

    Oh and can you hook a homie up with the instrumental for Superfast Jellyfish off the new Gorillaz album?

  • T(dot)Dillinger

    someone tell drake that “Faded” still needs two more verses. get back to rappin’ like he did on Comeback Season, and then i’ll consider buying his album.

  • CoolahDanu
  • Big_E

    this nigga Jonnie stay having instrumentals that i never can find… good looks… but i can’t front u need to work on that flow… i know how u trying to get on that Lupe status lol

  • lol @ Jesus, appreciate it…that instrumental hasnt released yet but i gotchu

  • hattin is bad for your health

    so this sounds just like kanye’s 808 and heartbreaks this dude stays followen kanye and wayne

  • @ShaneMichaels…HERE’S THE BEAT:

    Curren$y – Famous Instrumental (Produced by MonstaBeatz)

  • WAGZ

    does anyone have a full version of Love and Gunz?

  • Big_E

    ^^^Except he’s better at it..

  • **************************

    @ jonnie, got the song not just the beat?

  • @**************************
    Curren$y – Famous

    …personally, I like my version better lol

  • LupeHead (no homo)

    extra dope

  • burd

    @ hattin is bad for your health

    lol wow irony and yea i was gonna say that it sounds like some 808s stuff but still very dope. and be easy cuz i believe it says reference track

  • ImGood

    the song was dope..sound like it should of been on So Far Gone

  • EyeAintHatin

    Aint tryin to sound like a stan but..Whens meka and shake gonna start promoting JonnieHayward’s shit on this site????? That nigga got a new flow everytime he post his shit on here!

  • Rio$

    this track sucks, shocking?????????????

  • tfs



    jonnie…not so much.

  • jonniehayward doesnt need shake and mekas co-sign cause he always ends up being the trending topic in the comments anyway lmao no diss to him or nothing im jus keepin it real, but the track is dope. yall sleep. let drake get his sing on.

  • Mc Persia

    Why are you all talking about wack ass JonnieHayward and not Drake

    Drake has such a smooth voice, very nice track considering its under 2 minutes.

    No offense man, but based on the dumb shit you usually post on this blog i’m gonna have to pass on even the opportunity to listen to your music.

  • Mc Persia

    But Jonnie or whoever on this blog wants some nice original beats, him me up.

  • ^^yea I just realized that lol…I don’t mind if any1 hates on my shit tho I don’t take rappin serious enough to get my feelings hurt if sum1 aint feelin it

  • jacobm15

    this might be a stupid question on my part but can someone explain what a reference track is?

  • KC_Mafioso

    Smooth Drake sounds very nice.

    Good song even though its only under 2 mins

  • yep

    I bet you “guest” has a 3 in. penis max. guaranteed

  • THEDopeboy

    You can hate all ya want but drake makes good R&B shit.

  • craziness

  • jurrien

    I like this shit main, Drake goes hard

  • ????

    Rappers (or so called rappers) that need to die. Drake & any1 down or affiliated with young money. Wak… (I refuse to type or speak his name) gucci mane, orange juice the juice man, joe budden (a.k.a. Ho Luvin & u kno y) royce the UNBELIEVABLY OVERRATED 59, mims, young son (or wateva da fuk he calls himself now), tony yayo, bow wow, romeo, new boys, crooked i, jim jones & the whole old dipset (except Hell Rell), consequence (4 havin the wackest Styles P feature I ever heard… asshole!), mickey facts? mickey…? (the dude that was on the computer when ho luvin got snuffed)… Damn… I just realized how many wack ass cornball no talent havin hacks that only attract the attention of shtoopit people it is. (yea… UR FUCKIN SHTOOPIT BECAUSE STUPID IS TOO SMART 4 U)


    ^^^^ LMMFAO!!!!!!! I agree but then I dont agree… but I agree more than I dont agree. lol

  • Kris

    Wow, I can’t believe that there are soooo many hater’s around. Stop hating and step your game up at whatever your talent is, maybe you too can one day be successful in life. What is it that makes ppl so hateful. I mean @???? “Rappers that need to die”. really is that how you feel, is your life so miserable that you feel this way. Every piece of music that’s out may not be what ppl want to hear, but the emotions that some of you have about ppl that you haven’t even met and probably will never meet speaks volumes about you. So sad.

  • mikeyfresh

    fucks with this joint more than over.
    callin a bitch over and fuckin her to this joint later.

  • drake should be a strictly r&b artist..he is corny when he raps and his r&b cuts are ALWAYS PURE FLAMES

  • nikkiminach

    DRAKE I LOVE YOUR SHIT…Enriches hiphop alot

  • GR

    nice track. I wouldn’t call it hip hop, but definitely good music. I like the fact that it has that dreary, drowning background beat that dominated the majority of so far gone. Good looks

  • UPTBoss

    this song is dope, definitely on the so far gone vibe….oh and jonnie, the song was dope, you just gotta invest in better recording equipment cuz the sound quality sucks…keep it up tho

  • ^^appreciate it and I gotchu

  • LOL. Hatred makes the world go round. Please continue.

  • Definitely a step in the right direction.

    The progress report for “Thank Me Later” is fairly interesting:


    Looks like there could be some dope material on the debut…

  • the song is dope,.ill,but i dont like it ,i like more SLOW IT DOWN or HOUSTATLANTAVEGAS

  • dubcyde

    Whoa Jamie Foxx is apparently the artist this is for… it suits Drake a LOT more. Sounds like a mid album interlude, 40-esque beat and the feel of 808s Kanye except not as harsh. Really surprised at this.

  • whitegod

    JonnieHayward <<sorri dude. "never slippin on my pimpin, never slackin on my macin"?? ok.

    the tune wasnt feelin it. i see were ur going tho. beat was hard.work hard. that wasnt better than a drake song tho.

  • mimi

    i cant get it to play. so salty!!

  • Mr. 2010

    Jonnie aint as good as he says. I think I can do better tho. Check out my freestyle to I Wanna Rock in the link (yes it’s cliche but who cares, it’s good)


  • LosoDrizzyBanks

    This Junk Is Cold As Freak! lol, fareal, he put it down on this

  • b.
  • vmg

    all i can ssay is i love drake and his music iss awesome man ! keeep it up :) cuz i be lovin ur swagga lol yeeeehh .

  • DJBurgerking

    @Mr. 2010 …seriously…was that a joke link?..Can someone put your video on Funny or Die please??

  • whitegod

    Mr. 2010<<<< loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. love it man. this is wat hip hop needs right now. a breath of fresh air in this game. call the amber lamps for these other rappers.

  • trapGhandi

    jjjjjjjjjjj peeegggggggggg!!

  • trapGhandi

    lol c section makes me laugh
    JonnieHayward << dude u just didnt cut it right there.

  • Big_E

    lmao J-Peg is that nigga! “Like a sweater and a winter coat, Im too hood” that is a hot ass line forreal lololol! Im feeling that mumbling flow you got too son! shit is unique and different

  • face

    i need more tracks like this let them leaks loose b

  • sounds like a dream track.
    track is hot.
    i hate all the one minute songs drake has out.

    how long before yall think he puts out a full rnb album? right after thank me later or you think he going to give us two rap albums then go rnb?

  • Mr. 2010

    i appreciate the positive feedback, everybody. and yes, the last line was a joke, djburgerking. i just felt like puttin that in to show my sense of humor. and the fact that i dont like taylor swift.

  • Truth- I really hope Drake doesn’t ever make a full switch…i mean, I respect Kanye for dropping 808’s and Heartbreaks (which totally switched up his style), but man, I hope Drake chooses Lyrics over Hooks for at LEAST 3-4 albums before we hear more of the same sort of style Drake has adopted before even releasing his Debut…(before he dropped anything, all I heard about was lyrics, flow, skill…etc.

    man, all this hype cant be good for the mind.

    I feel like Drake is already in trouble, the expectations for “Thank me Later” have got to be on par with some of the biggest album releases of all time.

    I guess we will see soon enough…


  • he’s def going to make the switch. thats his style. and its cool to switch over and do the side project. hes too much of a hearthrob and the singing thing is what blew him up on so far gone. gotta stick with the method that actually worked and changed your lifestyle. made your dreams come true.

    i wouldnt say hes in trouble though. if i was drake and someone said youre in trouble. i would respond with some bs along the lines of ‘i dont look at it as being in trouble. i look at is as a motivator. my fans expect a certain caliber of art from me. and everytime im in the studio i keep that in the back of my head’ then i would drop some names of the people im working with, and assure you that it actually is going to be the biggest album of all time…but thats just if i was a celebrity full of shit. or had really good pr training… haha

  • haha. yeah I guess I’m still clinging to the false hopes that Drake’s album is going to resemble an “illmatic.”

    Your def right, its realistic to expect more of what made Drake so popular, a la “So Far Gone”…

    I guess if its not broke, don’t try and fix it.

    That link I posted earlier definitely supports what you outlined as Drakes mindstate:

    seems like good PR to me, but hey, Drake can afford good PR.


  • Anat’s Son

    I greet everyone in the upmost respects of peace! I dislike a lot of the songs and the artist out right now, reason being they dont talk about shit! But Drake isn’t like that, he’s a honest rapper, I respect that A LOT. He also has a song for almost any topic, all his love songs be about different aspects of love. His raps do the same. Rather your hater or just don’t like Drake, can you really denie that he is a great artist?? I know his Thank Me Later album will be amazing.

  • heeyy,mr.2010 it’s just doin her thing,leave alone that guy

  • This is nice.
    Would be dope if there were a full version.

  • TE

    this is quality!! just wish it was longer.

  • Strange Famous

    I kind of prefer this (So Far Gone) shit to his raps. His raps have been dire of late.

  • gambit354

    i wonder who’s gonna be the first rapper to lay a verse to this???
    I’m sure we will know by next week…….

  • Damn! I actually stopped listening to this dude cuz he wasnt really making stuff worth listening to anymore…. I take it back now real smooth amazing track to nod my head to. This going on the sex playlist aha

  • Drizzy Drake Rogers

    i masturbate to this sng regularly

  • Does anyone know what album/mixtape “FALL FOR YOU TYPE” is off of?! Please email me with an answer. THANK YOU. [email protected]

  • S1


  • colt46

    he need to stick to singin cuz he has no style unless its jay-z or kanye’s …and fuck kanye to he use to be my favorite mc now he bitch like the rest of tight jean wearin mutha fuckas

  • M

    Heard he wrote this for Jamie Foxx, but.. not entirely certain of those rumors. Anyone know if it’s on any of his past mixtapes? Please notify me with an answer. Wonderful track.