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Pill & DJ Drama – 1140: The Overdose (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka May 27, 2010

Pill’s next mixtape will drop on June 1st, but you can get a feel for it with the cover and tracklisting (courtesy of XXL), which is down bottom.

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1. The Overdose [Produced by Needlz]
2. Intro
3. On Da Korner [Produced by Needlz]
4. Ima Ride [Produced by Tha Bizness]
5. Get It How U Live ft. Zay Cash [Produced by Lil’ Neal]
6. Ok Denn [Produced by Grade A Muzik]
7. Hard In Da Trap
8. Ho Out
9. Action
10. Bust It Down
11. Doin’ It Over Here [Produced by Ced L. Young]
12. Pill Speaks
13. Westsiders ft. Killer Mike [Produced by Emile]
14. G Shit [Tribute to Eazy-E]
15. Surroundings [Tribute to Big Pun]
16. Better Show Me
17. Fuckin’ Wit Sum Killas ft. Big Bank Black [Produced by Ced L. Young]
18. We Outside ft. Alley Boy [Produced by Grade A Muzik]
19. Pill Speaks
20. Shottas
21. Sober
22. No Time For Sleep ft. Colin Munroe [Produced by Colin Munroe]
23. My Team [Produced by Ced L. Young]
24. Sloppy Stupid ft. Scrilla [Produced by Grade A Muzik]
25. Outro
26. Yeen Ready [Produced by Grade A Muzik]

  • uzi

    maybe i’ll get this to get introduced to this dude

  • Rezo

    This guy is pure garbage.

  • yaowa

    agreed @ Rezo. when dudes like this are hyped up.. you know rap is dead.

  • I Nick All Week

    I don’t understand the hate, I think the dude is pretty dope. Disappointed at no Freddie Gibbs feature, though

  • DallasTx_Groveside

    Nope he sucks
    big Krit > pill

  • Mr Sol91

    This guy n Oj da juiceman fucked up the freshmen class. Take out those 2 and put in Shawn Chrystopher and XV and you got a (2)dope class from top to bottom

  • ThaMightyA

    pill shits on shawn chrystopher and XV. pill got that raw flow and dope wordplay

  • lonestar_playa

    @ rezo n yaowa……please explain 2 me how dis nigga iz garbage. Pill can deliver yall sum gritty flows n talk about da trap n still b lyrical wit it. n fyi yaowa rap is dying cuz hip hop iz resurrectin……..sad fact!

  • OGEazy

    I don’t think Pill is trying to bring to the table what the bloggers on 2DB want. Pill is a new rapper taking the aging route of making gangster music. Considering all the garbage gangster rappers out there right now (Max B, trap music, and those no names on Whiteowl/Gunrunnerz) I think Pill is pretty good. I won’t turn him on, but I recognize and will recommend him.
    As a side note to the haters, move along, it’s not as if his music is god awful or disgracing the genre like OJ Da Juiceman, Soulja Boy, or Plies.

  • I’m Not A Big Fan Of Pill But He’s Ok, But I Can Tell You That When This Guy’s Name Get As Big As Jeezy Or T.I. Nigga’s Gonna Act Like They Never Said He’s Wack Or Whatever…If Andre 3k Cosign This Kid,Then He’s Next Up

  • musicfiend90

    whaaatt? mayne Pill go hard.. The Refill was dope.. “Let Me In”, “You’re Nasty”, “Coastin” were all great tracks in my honest opinion. Dude got a futute

  • Iamthenewblack

    People hate cause they don’t like the real. Pill and Freddie Gibbs just pit real shit. I’m hype for this one June 1st!


    im going to buy a copy of the XXL freshman cover and just burn it these new comers are Trash 1 thinks he can bang with Drizzy Drake (j.Cole) wich he cant even compare to

  • Jojoba

    yeah i got to say hate on pill is misguided some people dont like trap music at all and shit on anyone who does this style regardless… thats fine its the same way some people dont really like backpack smoothed out stuff but i think hating on Pill on a site where BOB is praised not stop is misguided BOB in my opinion did the ultimate sin by whorring out his talent to basically put on a downmarket Black Eyed Peas album

  • sssssssssss

    i’ve fucked with pill since that track ‘the work’s hard’ with killer mike. super excited to hear them at it again. just pray to god he gives us a nodj version so i dont have to listen to dumbass drama.

  • RSX


  • lunchbox

    Pea Eye Double El…

    haters gonna hate

  • degree

    before ya complain bout drama screamin why dont ya download da 6 tracks dat have leaked

  • shout out to track #14

  • and stop hating on this man.. just because you’re not in the trap, doesnt mean others aren’t.. gotta make music for everyone..

  • Sonova

    @OGEazy My sentiments zackly. I feel like Pill is the new generations T.I…. They needed one. Somebody had to take it cause not too many of the other recent trappers that know how to be believable and intelligently worded.

  • rUSh

    Sheeesssh where is the hate comin on dis dude, did yall listen to ths Refill, will be waitin for a no DJ tape tho