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tabi Bonney x Curren$y x Ski Beatz x Dame Dash (Video)

blame it on Meka July 14, 2010


Check out this new clip of a day in the life of rising DC rapper tabi Bonney. He just hopped off the road from DC to NYC and stopped by The Dojo to chop it up with Dame Dash, Curren$y, and Ski Beatz about his new A Place Called Stardom mixtape.

No word if Dame sent the goons on tabi like he did the Complex staff at the Pilot Talk listening session.

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  • Not A Tabi Booney Fan So I WILL NOT Be Listenin To That !

    Is It Just Me Or Is Pilot Talk IMPOSSIBLE To Find ?

    I Heard Best Buy Is Restocking Tommorow, So I Hope They Restock At The One Around Me So I Can Cop …

  • T0KS

    notice the hot white girl in the back.

  • Curren$y “Jerk” Dance.


  • YURP

    dang Pilot Talk is selling like that? or did they understock or something? who wouldve thunk he’d be selling like this in 08 lol.. oh and Tabi was supposed to be the big outta the DMV in like 07 with Wale but nobody was really feeling him.. me included.. that song Damier Doobies by Spitta uses his the beat from his first single.. Spitta’s version>>>Tabi’s version

  • yaowa

    didn’t see a “hot” girl in the vid. an average 1 yea.

  • tabi is wack

  • I can’t find a single Pilot Talk CD in my area. if u in West Covina, LA and kno a spot get at me



    NN Y WUD HE GET GOONS ON [email protected]

  • lmfao at that last lil statement bout dame sending the goons. DEAD*. personally i think dame pretty much clowned ole dude from complex.

  • Crenshaw&Man..

    curren$y was fuckin SMACKED!!

  • jay

    Im so pissed I cant find one store thats sellin pilot talk damn I had the same problem when fashawn boy meets world came out they never sell any of the good music

  • jay

    spitta is that dude much respect to ski beats and dame dash I guess I will have to get pilot talk on itunes

  • BlaqINK

    you can order pilot talk from fye and best buy website…but yeah i cant find that shit noooooo where the bk up the street said they would be restocking later this week so i guess ill wait…

  • BlaqINK

    any tabi is good mane he might not be the most lyrical but he has cool subject matter and he can make a good song

  • james dean

    i feel like we should be commenting less on tabi and spitta…and more on those goggles Dame has on

  • dasdads

    barnes & nobles has pilot talk.

  • the2four

    I copped at FYE. Only spot in Lafayette, LA that had it.

  • crackadon

    i looked for Pilot Talk at bitch-ass Best Buy and Target in Ontario, Cali. both stores didn’t even have the album listed and Best Buy didn’t even have it for sale there. c’mon Def Jam, what kind of distribution deal is that? i think i’m gonna have to go to a real record store to buy this disc (it might not appear in his soundscan numbers, but fuck it. not my fault all the stores near me are being lame) oh, and a quick bit of advice for my boy Dame: im feeling the whole movement you got going on, but leave the hipster/scenester fashion to the young bucks. sometimes you’re just to old to dress a certain way

  • whodat?

    Rick Ross – Teflon Don (Album) http://usershare.net/ptxqb4qff57x

  • DallasUCMR


  • Musikfiend

    Curren$y only has a distribution deal w/ Def Jam, which is most likely why the album was severely under shipped & you can only find it @ random spots around your city or not at all. Think of it as more of an indie album.

  • Check out my Pilot Talk review at http://www.hiphopfiend.net/2010/07/curreny-pilot-talk-review/ if you are interested

  • That’s not THE JERK, that’s Spitta’s shuffle, that he always spits about ..Jetlife ..J.ust ..E.njoy ..T.his ..S.h!t x Taylor Gang, we here now fools ..Gang Gang..

  • thetruth

    i swear spittas gonna smokes his eyes shut one day…

    i dont think stores got that many copies of it, i went to my local shop on the day it was released amd bought 1 of the 2 copies they got in

  • AMV

    Tabi is nice and appeals to a different crowd..fly dudes, money makers, professionals. Those who recognize a go getta with that talk. Fly bitches wit good credit gettin’ type dudes.