• wiff

    damn. muggs has always been in my top 5. this beat is rick james. off top! everybody murdered it. was a fan of ill bill back in the day but never was incredibly impressed by his beat selection. i understood the vibe tho. this is a dope matchup.


  • FIXED that shit


    also, shake if you lurkin. thanks for fixin that post. that shit was driving me crazy. i gave a vague ass description and you still found it and fixed it. man, thats great customer service. good shit 2dopeboyz. keep it up.

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    no problem.

  • Ruffski

    I have no words to describe my satisfaction.......

  • Ruffski

    I'm confused are you guys on west coast time or are yall some fucking vampires ?!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/fyhloxfunkband FYHLOX

    this is crazy

  • Ben

    phenomenon OC. still with the velvet-flow


    Real Emceein' @ it's best, Ill Bill, P!, O.C.

  • 2Tru

    STR8 FIYA!!! Big up Ill Bill, Sick Jacken(Da nicest SA n game!) n O.C., but I swear, evry time I hea dat ngga P spit hiz shit, I feel lyk punchin a ngga n da fckn face! LMAO! P!!!

  • dev

    i clicked on this because of Sick Jacken and Sean Price. never listened to DJ Muggs or Ill Bill and never heard of OC.

    but i fucks with this joint!!

  • http://myspace.com/crooksda1 Crooks

    DJ Muggs, one of my favorite producers of all time! Big UP to the West Coast.

    Peep myspace.com/crooksda1. Thank You in advance!

  • Juanito

    Fucks with this, OC the legend!

  • http://twit32ter.com/ Robbie

    Arrow 0824. DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill - Kill Devil Hills [Explicit][Retail][2010][NonGroupRip]

    Arrow 0824. DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill - Kill Devil Hills [Explicit][Retail][2010][NonGroupRip]

  • loxy

    come on man where tha fuck is necro

  • DahStoryTella

    Beat is NIIICE.

    Wtf @ ''Slit your throat, fuck you with pool sticks''?