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Kendrick Lamar – P&P 1.5 f. Ab-Soul (Video)

blame it on Shake September 14, 2010

Directed by JeromeD.

Is it me or have I been ending the past few nights with Kendrick Lamar related posts? *shrugs… I have a feeling there aren’t any complaints! O(verly) D(edicated) drops on Wednesday. And I can tell you, after about three solid listens… it’s easily one of my favorite releases of the year so far. As if there was a doubt.

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  • haha i was all over his twitter when he said he might release this song tonite

  • OD IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!!!!!!

  • mike c



    gotta get dat OD…

  • Amazing Musik!! Im bringing the Mixtape to the Gym to work out as soon as I get 1 burned


  • Randylr

    Shake, I am incredibly, inescapably jealous that you have it and have listened to O.D.!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for this tape this and “I’m Better Than You” are my most anticipated releases.

  • 1pizz

    feel good to be from the west. kendrick lamar stays grinding!!!!!!

    #OD 09.15.10

  • N.E.R.D

    omg damn why he so onnnnnnnnnn… damn

  • RussDa59

    whyis this dude so dope? it dont make sense, i mean he is from the west coast…haha anyway, cant ever kock this dude

  • Jonnie

    DAMN!! The first P & P is what put me on to this dude but this 1 is definitely better than the 1st but Ab-Soul’s verse on the first P & P was a million times better than this 1 lol O.D. !!!

  • Jonnie

    Bet this nigga won’t have any more haters now making the fools that was hating back on the Monster Freestyle look STUPID

  • ExtraGood909


  • DaymSon

    been followin’ dude since his first “e.p.” came out… and daymn, been a long time since i’ve witnessed such a talent growin so fast! truely 2DOPE… fuck wit it!

  • DavePhilly

    wow, i was diggin on the original p&p when it was released but this version is simply MIND-blowing!!

  • Ojandkush…!!!

    Chris Tucker voice: “DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! man cant wait for 2morrow this shit is going straight to the iphones…. but a definetly going too pick it up off Itunes foreal. SUPPORT REAL MUSIC.

  • CASH

    think its worth the 6 bucks he put a lot into it, good shit with substance and content why not

  • Wladamir

    K.Lamar is nice and I’m looking forward to the drop, but Ab-Soul’s verse is wack…just being real. Ain’t no classy women trying to hear dudes say “give me that gushy stuff” & “bust that p*ssy open” tho. What happened to creativity & metaphors in rap?

  • DisNigRo

    Man so much talent out there. Kendrick you got my money man. I discovered a couple new artist like Mac Miller and Nike Nando however I believe Kendrick has a unique style and has something different to bring to the table. Word. Keep it up.

  • getonmyteam

    this guy never lets me down.. real music for your soul

  • BAM12393

    Judging this track as a whole, I personally think this is the weakest track I’ve heard from Kendrick Lamar. I don’t like the slowed down voice and Ab-Soul’s verse was extremely wack. I almost felt embarassed hearing his verse out loud through my speakers. OD is still my most anticipated mixtape of the year thought!

  • Pete.C

    shake or meka, post that first kendrick lamar EP again for people

  • orbit


  • robo

    Kendrick is incredibly dope! On which site can i buy of tomorrow?

  • robo


  • JaySole

    This is the worst song I heard from Kendrick Lamar but this song isn’t that bad so that says a lot. No artist is perfect so they drop a weak song here and there. Kendrick Lamar is so consistent which I like about him. J. Cole, Blu, Kendrick Lamar and Lupe fiasco are my favorite artists out right now.

  • johnnyblaze

    the beat is the best part