• markaveli

    reks, elzhi, crooked....MY top 3 right now.

  • suck it

    why does he need 3 dj's? especially ill will, he's weak as hell. All he needs is Statik behind him, and i can see how Green Lantern may benfit him, but ill will is for pussies (for the most part)

  • nickalie

    damn blu and reks in mia on the 21st then curren$y and big krit on the 29th. 2dope

  • BUCK

    Damn, this song is dope. Big expectations for his album. Grey Hairs was nice as hell. and this is just a mixtape cut? damn. Gonna be HOT.

  • james

    Who's that duke that spits first? His vocal are similar to Saigon but nicer.

  • Nwabe

    @ James : 1st dude in the song is SLAINE, from Special Teamz / La Coka Nostra / DMS. Yes I think he's way better than Saigon. The rest of his style doesn't sound like Saigon at all.

  • LyF’z_a_bitch_n_then_u_die

    I don't think Saigon and R.E.K.S are similar.But they're both dope!R.E.K.S is my top MC [besides tha gawd,Nas].

  • LyF’z_a_bitch_n_then_u_die

    ^^*meant Slaine.

  • http://berpwillie.blogspot.com Berp Willie

    haven't been impressed with the recent stuff from reks

  • sadiki

    not bad

  • Berp William

    I have been impressed with the recent stuff from reks

  • http://myspace.com/arod213 CaliGrown

    These Boston dudes GET-IT-IN.

  • Nwabe

    THIS SONG IS A MASTERPIECE FLOW-WISE !!!! 5 MC's giving their very best, that's something very very rare...

  • N.T.B.F.W.

    Audio ain't playin.