Brooklyn Meets Miami: Tanya Morgan x ArtOfficial

Tonight. Tanya Morgan x ArtOfficial. Transit Lounge in Miami. No cover, 21+. Mek on the 1s and 2s. What else needs to be said?

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  • reupspot

    dope to hear, ArtOfficial are great

  • Bryan

    yo shake, my 21st bday is sunday/tomorrow...u think u can get me in? lol

  • Leave It 2 Weava

    damn, looks like a hell of a show, & its free? makes me wish i didnt live in WV

  • Chris Brooks

    Dope Flyer, Shake That's You?..

  • CHRS

    ill be there
    but i dont think theyll top sene and blu the other night
    even though i hope they try to

  • Truth


    Blu was wack

  • 1woRd

    shake or meka post Better Days...Add-2 just sent it to yall...check those emails

  • Cloud 9

    ^ Shake meke hurry up with tha taoe fam. add jus sent it to yall. i need dat shit man real talk

  • CHRS

    Meka saved the day when he put on dancin in the rain and pretty much made blu perform it

  • 305

    Coss and Sene's set was fantastic.


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