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    @shake Low End Professionals

  • 1985

    Yeah But Whats A Bogus Boy? I Always Hear Ca$his From Shady Records Sayin On All His Songs? And He Claims GD And From Chicago Too... And These Guy Are From Chicago. Is Bogus Boys A GD Thing Or Something?

  • http://nahright.com DMBeast

    no thanks. don't even wanna know

  • http://twitter.com/iilmeel iilmeel

    links down. =/

  • http://miunex.com Vigilante

    Man I want a NO DJ version of this so bad!

  • D easy

    says "no files to extract"
    is everybody getting this?

  • http://twitter.com/nycneef NYC Neef

    @1985 "Is Bogus Boys A GD THing or SOmething?"

    The Bogus Boyz were Larry Hoovers' hit squad back in the day.

  • Ellio

    I'm a vampire, that's why the guys call me count
    Drools drippin down my cheek, blood comin out my mouth

    ...really Drama?

  • http://twitter.com/donmagicshawn DonMagicShawn

    Yo Shake....L.E.P. is the Low End Professionals....they from the Low End of Chicago's Southside.

  • http://miunex.com Vigilante

    @D easy

    If theres problems I think they uploaded a new zip file on their site.

  • http://youtube.com/mickswaggger Young Stereotype aka Lil Cliche

    Lol @ the artwork

  • Aimé

    this is a good listen i fux with it

  • YMFM214

    WEAK...as you were

  • Young Dub

    they gotta good ear for beats.

  • http://stopclickingstartshooting.com damnyo!

    these guys dropped some good video/decent songs. from the vids i will dl

  • Thworldisyours

    Dont know anything about these guys, but that Ginger track is incredible...

  • MartyMackFlyy

    @nyc neef- you are absolutely right.its low end projects or professionals.im from the chi, and these niggaz are the truth.they just lost a member who was suppose to be the next big thing (pac-man),look em up.

  • MartyMackFlyy

    what da fuck.the link iz bootleg

  • sugarmomma

    Who will be the next lucky dog?
    _____ SUGAR MOMMADATE * C 0 M _____

  • youngfula

    that track Heaven's Door is one big ass BANGER!