Joell Ortiz – Free Agent (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake November 7, 2010

Joell’s long-awaited Sophomore release will hit stores on November 30th (pre-orders available now). Hit the jump for the tracklist w/ features from The LOX, Royce Da 5’9″, Novel, Just Blaze, Fat Joe and more.

01 Intro
02 Put Some Money On It f. Sheek Louch, Jadakiss & Styles P
03 Killed For Less (Intro)
04 One Shot (Killed For Less) f. Fat Joe
05 Sing Like Bilal
06 Finish What You Start f. Royce Da 5’9”
07 Battle Cry f. Just Blaze
08 Nursery Rhyme
09 Phone (Skit)
10 Call Me (She Said) f. Novel
11 So Hard f. Anna Yvette
12 Oh! f. Iffy (prod. Large Professor)
13 Checkin’ For You (Skit)
14 Checkin’ For You
15 Good Man Is Gone
16 Cocaine
17 Incredible (Bonus)

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  • Youngfula

    Shit is gonna be a banger! YAOWA!

  • komplexx904

    Where’s the Jean Grae track?

  • Fat Boy

    Cant wait for this shit! YAOOWWAAAA!

  • #2, u cudda jus said ‘Faeturing The Lox’
    wud u have done dat witta wu-tang feature?
    jus sayin…

  • technique.

    no slaughterhouse track?

  • Why do rappers still use skits? I know it makes your album seem longer but you’re not fooling most of us.

  • riz

    since when is just blaze a feature and not a producer… dont tell me he’s going the swizzy route…

    looks dope tho

  • This album actually has 13 SONGS on it, just ignore the numbers. lol

  • B. Chan

    No Tech N9ne? Damnn that sucks.

  • @dino.

    yes. which i said in the write up above. i split the group in the tracklist for search engine reasons. plus it’s how it is said on itunes.

  • grantb22

    what happened to project boy

  • chef


  • KUNGFoo

    where is Project Boy ???!!!

  • Mike Acosta

    No Budden feature?

  • KUNGFoo

    and is Battle Cry the same track as on the Farewell Summer EP ??

  • So this is actually coming out? I almost can’t believe it.

  • Kungfoo – Project Boy has been out forever… he prolly doesn’t want to waste a spot for a song that has been out for a long time

  • ^^ So he would rather waste a spot on intro’s/skits? Sure, that makes sense. lol

  • Pretty sure “Battle Cry” leaked. Heard it on youtube but wasn’t sure it was the same track as the album one.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    17 tracks, 13 songs, 4 that have leaked, means 9 new songs for an album delayed for over 8 months after promises of m.o.p, eminem, bun b, tech n9ne, raekwon, B.O.B and maino features. talib kweli, brother ali, jean grae were wasted on the farewell summer ep track called so wrong. sheek louch was on the sing like bilal remix. if he has 4 old songs why not put project boy on it too? joell ortiz is showing with this release that he isnt as good as royce at putting an album together. hopefully when hes on Shady he will have eminem to give him direction and better producer connections and better studio help

  • 2dope

    LOL so many questtions! EVeryone chillout. THis album gonna be FIya! YAOWA!!

  • facemask

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • phenom

    is this album just to finish his contractual duties to E1? if so, then that can explain some of the old tracks being on there & none of the promised features not being there… he could just be throwing this out to be done with E1

  • KUNGFoo

    lol better producer connections? he got Premier and Large Professor in here

  • CRAP….Project boy was ill this not so much

  • A_Shady_Pyro

    No Slaughterhouse or Eminem track? Damn. Still gonna be dope though.

  • Peekay

    sweet…didn’t realize this was dropping this month

  • one


  • Big Dee

    No Night Train? That’s my joint right there. But it’ll still be fire regardless #occasionallytreatmyselftoanicelittlefishandcheese

  • 305

    Worst Art Evurr

  • 305

    Honestly though, none of these guys know how to put an album together.
    There aren’t many kanye, common, Murs, Blu, Sene, exile… conscious rappers or prods who get it.

  • who cares

    looks pretty good
    but why the fuck Fat Joe on there :/

  • Tyler

    Don’t understand why you guys bitch about songs bein left off the album when you already have the song!? ADD IT TO THE ALBUM YOURSELF!!!

  • 421

    looking forward to this

  • Slaughterhouuuuuuuuse


  • one

    yeah shit looks like a drake album cover.
    +1, fuck fat joe

  • Rezo

    Shake, you should have offered Joell some artwork. You have to admit, that cover sucks haha

  • The Truth

    fuck Fat Joe? he has him one there because a) he’s Puerto Rican & b) he’s a legend! Get 50’s nuts out ya mouth!

  • Rio$

    looks good, should get rid of the skits ad replace tho but joell>mostly every rapper out

  • Mike

    lol at Fat Joe

  • Shoop

    This shit is gonna be fuckin fire. YAOWA!!!

  • prk

    what happened with the yaowa mixtape?

  • no joe budden or crooked i?


    ColeWorldNoBlanket, because rappers think they’re funny even though they’re not. Only Ghostface should be allowed to do skits of any kind.

  • one

    shit fuck 50 too. both them motherfuckers are frauds. youse a funny ass nigga tho.

  • one

    gotta be his bitch. can’t stand up for someone you don’t know. thats just pathetic. the truth.

  • benny blanco

    ^ LOL

    joes whack, no one in the BX fucks with em no more anyway. Fat nigga fell off.

  • Big Dee

    Word that’s true I never though about that haha. Ima add Night Train as a bonus.

    And “sniff” “sniff”, Any of yall smell that?…. I smell a leak coming soon

  • BRu973

    Why do rappers still use skits? I know it makes your album seem longer but you’re not fooling most of us.


    Shut Up Young Boy!!! You clearly don’t know the value of a good album… check the references and history books… Skits give the album more personality and connect the concept of the overall record…. That may be the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard!!!

  • ^^Just about to say this!
    YAOWA!!! shit’ll be dope!

  • robertTHEallen

    lets fuckin GO!!

  • bugged1

    Quit bitching about hearing songs before albums drop.
    At least you didn’t have to go to a record store and pay 5-8$ for the song before the album dropped, like back in the golden years…

    If they make good music, support em.
    Go cop the album if you behind the artist, over privileged stingy assholes.

  • Goose

    im guessing this is gonna be that old rapping for the sake of rapping, and ruining every good punchline with that corny yoawa sound he makes. ill check it out just cuz i used to think he was a pretty good rapper, but as of late he’s just come off corny and boring.

  • Iris


  • mmkayy


  • Tone Riggz

    It shouldn’t surprise people that Fat Joe is on it. Fat Joe is one of the first known rappers to cosign Joell and they’ve performed live together. Joell was probably influenced by Fat Joe as well.


  • J

    @Dino Did you ever think that they’re trying to establish their own identities? When have they put out a collective album as the LOX? They have being doing projects for years. So it makes sense for Joell to list them individually.

  • Zack Ray

    YAOWA!! Can’t wait for this son! The 5’9 ft. gonna be that fire, was expecting features with Joey & Crooked or atleast a S.H. ft. Still gonna be a dope tape, how could it not?



  • YAOWA!!!…by the way, he dont need a full Slaughter feature…an entire album with 4 of the dopest dudes of all time is abit much for a listener, might get a stroke or some ish like that hahahahaha….he can just save it for the first Shady Records Slaughter album :)…Crooked shouldve been on this

  • LEX

    ^Word.. and check out the new RZA single ft. Ghostface Killa, U-God, Raekwon the Chef, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa & GZA… that shit is heat.

  • M E T H O D Man

    this shit didnt drop wtf