Missy Elliott - Swat Dat Fly (prod. Timbaland)

Missy is currently working on her seventh album, Block Party, and this track was from a session Timbaland previewed earlier this week.

DOWNLOAD: Missy Elliott - Swat Dat Fly (prod. Timbaland) | Usershare

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  • George Clooney

    I don't think anybody was really missing this bitch.

  • DK

    Haven't heard from her in a minute.

  • bom

    @George Clooney: Meka or Missy Elliott?

    "That there is a woman I'd hate to fight. She wears underwear with dickholes in them."

  • someguy

    when i saw that picture i was expecting a song more like "wake up." man, i am all kinds of disappointed now... smh.

  • jayjay

    @Bom he's obviously talking about Missy.

  • Maize

    Bout time I got some new missy. Timbaland killed this beat

  • A fallen off Missy > Nicki.

  • bom

    @jayjay no shit sherlock.

  • mystalkerisfat

    @YaBoyRampz ... Truth.

    But I agree, I was expecting some Wake Up type shit. Not at all. "...more controversy than 50 and Ja Rule" really? In 2010 though?

  • that cover is mad racist yo

  • iilRoots is reporting that this is an extremely old track!

  • xb


  • jayjay

    @bom shut the fuck up faggot


    lol @ timbaland,givin dope beats to missy elliot finally on 2010
    now u are less bad ass,props

  • who gave u that tune meka :D

  • Thelonius 7

    @ Mika - neptunes.org, I see you boi!
    Props to you.

  • bom

    nourish yourself with a penis. shaft and balls.



  • jayjay

    @bom that's what u should do faggot nigger

  • Shit is Hella Old like in like early-mid 2000's

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