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2DBz x Washington, DC x Seattle

blame it on Meka November 29, 2010

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The last time I was in DC I spoke at a panel, then went on a wild ride with Dallas Penn that included bar-hopping, late night Korean food and two guys scrapping it out in the middle of the street after a club night. I wonder what’s going to happen this Thursday, when the dopehouse (alongside Kenny Burns) takes over Layla Lounge for a night of partying and bullshit.

Then on Saturday night (Saturday-Saturday-Saturday!!!) I’ll be the guest spinner at the HG Lodge in Seattle, Washington. I’ve never been out there so I expect nothing but freezing weather and a bunch of Starbucks. If you’re from any of these places, feel free to stop on by. Hope to see you all there.

  • MithritadesHD

    I’m in DC and ain’t no way I’m going to NE to party…smh

  • The dress code says “Super Fly.” Am I allowed to dress as a male phoenix or is that gonna be TOO fly for this event?

    • >Am I allowed to dress as a male phoenix or is that gonna be TOO fly for this event?>


  • Between now and Thursday,I might change my mind though…we’ll see

  • Dhill

    Layla lounge is alright. it just gets super hot when its a lot of people there

  • sam

    didnt noe shake was white..

  • DJ JAV

    yo I’ll definitely slide through homie! Look out for me, @djJAV on #twitter


  • druuuuu

    Welcome to Seattle where the sun don’t shine!

    I’m down to see what Meka’s got to play

  • kal

    Dope if I’m clear I’ll swoop through HG lodge.

  • i will say, Recess > Layla. but yeah, if you comin to DC, holla at me, bruh.

  • Geezy

    Thanx for comin to Seattle n showin us some love, but if Jake One couldn’t draw a crowd @ HG then I doubt there’s gonna be much of a crowd this saturday. N that place was a lot better when it was the War Room!

  • HG is gonna crack! Don’t listen to Home-Boyaredee talkin’ down. It cracked last week with no guest dj, the week before with Tony Touch and will do the same this week! Seattle gets it in <—-don't front on this, as it is factual.