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Rich Hil & Nero – Howling At Hades (FreEP)

blame it on Miss_Peas March 31, 2011

Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Centerfold
2. Listen Baby
3. Don’t You Know
4. Where They Go
5. Dance Of Our Lifetime
6. Nightmare
7. Wherever She At
8. We On
9. Demons
10. How The Hell Are You

DOWNLOAD: Rich Hil & Nero – Howling At Hades (FreEP)

  • dr0

    we know who dis nicca is and i blame 2dope 4 even uploading dis niccas azz cheeks music on the site i request 100 thumbs down

  • trash

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. cant beleive nero is working with this dude. trash.

  • EricTheJedi


  • RiV

    why do so many people hate on rich hill??

  • Neek

    This shit was literally just posted and you haters are all over it already. Sickening. Props to 2db for upping this. I respect Ricky and Nero ad artists but I thought this project could be better. I’ll look out for their solo projects.

  • Chris R.

    Listen before you DISS!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Rich aint bad at [email protected] Don’t be mad your daddy aint PAID!!!! PROP’S RICH ALL DAY!!!!!!! Nero da man!!!!

  • Neek

    @riv because it’s easier to tear someone down. Especially on a blog where most kids are mad their favorite artists don’t get posts here.

  • RiV

    word @ NeeK

  • trash

    lol @ it being easier to bring someone down, no sorry this is just trash.

  • untuckednunchucks

    rich hill is ass, always been ass, even when he was working with below avg mc boo bonic from phillys most wanted.

  • artz

    Mixtapes.Ep`s where is the Faust album?

  • das

    this shit sucks bad

  • big
  • jimmy


    this is dope.

  • MF

    Ok…so I was really excited to hear some new shit from Nero, but Rich Hil ruined this EP for me.

  • tyler

    Limoss bitches

  • J.O

    wow more “nope” than “dope”…Lets embrace the fact that the homie Nero is on this project…YOU ungrateful bastids!!

  • Sir

    i’ll peep because i like Nero, but if Rich Hil’s wackness overtakes Nero’s dopeness, i’m trashin it.

  • J dUb

    Rich hil is the man with that gangsta hippy swagg no one else has…y’all haters don’t even kno

  • TM

    I produced ‘DANCE OF OUR LIFETIME’ n many others for Rich. show love.

  • yeah im all for the people sayin listen before you diss.. im downloadin it now i dont really care for rich hil but im down with nero so ill give it a try

  • mrk79
  • Tommy Hil >> Rich Hil

  • lil biggie

    #lilbiggieapproved LIMOS!!! 4 life

  • SuperWerid0


  • Joey

    damn…i can’t listen to Rich Hil’s annoying voice..

    Nero do a solo project

  • NDot215

    Bonic below average wow!!!! smdh