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Maino – Biggie Is Back

blame it on Shake April 29, 2011

First Meek Mill and Rick Ross called upon Pac, now this? I don’t know…

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  • los


  • jjjj

    hardest shit since cooked crack nahmeannn hood gutta butta gully skully on the corner hustle BK in the kitchen choppin coke up muzik …feel me? from uptown to jamaica ave nah meannn? #BQEMUSIK

    Just kidding this shit is wack…

  • Juice101

    in other news you know japan just came out with strawberry cheetos right?

  • TrueHopTunes

    Kill yaself if you give this a thumbs up… but honestly the 2pac shxt that Rick Ross did was 10x worse, and a lot more disrespectful… someone needs to set that clown straight
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  • Biggieisnotback


  • 10Crack

    NO SIR

  • kIOap

    how the fuck is it disrespectful to a make song in someone’s memory and big them up. you people love to get offended over nothing. Was 2pac your mother or what? christ, what is it with these sensitive ass rap fans these days? Complaining about fucking everything. they say today’s rap has lost it way… then when people pay homage u say its disrespectful. sit ur bitchy ass down.

  • Ryan G


  • scum

    ummm…. no he’s not.

  • Tre

    the original song was shit, this song is shit. stop tryin to pay homage to 2 of the greatest of all time with shitty fucking songs.

  • trueff

    LMAO. Biggie is mos definitely not back… smfh

  • Corsico

    What trueff said. LOL!

  • Schismzzz

    Maino needs to stay outta the music scene and keep selling crack. Damn he sucks!

  • BK rep

    Nigga, no.

  • VadoDipset

    Me & Maino needs to switch occupations .

  • Aommmi

    Its def. not disrespectful but that doesnt mean that it doesnt suck.

  • GODr.


  • DJ Spade

    Horrible. Maino is not Biggie. Nowhere near.

  • fuck

    fuck maino though…

  • Stop saying my name dog. If it’s not you, don’t use it…period. WTF


  • Hpno

    Maino need to step his flow up the delivery on this shit is just wack ~_~

  • c

    wack ass beat ……wack ass concept ….wack ass song ….rip biggie please forgive this lamss

  • who cares

    I like Maino’s music, but idk bout this. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s disrespectful though. He did make a good tribute track “March 9th” I feel he just tried to hard on this one

  • iamcoxhead

    One of the worst things I’ve ever heard.

  • jack johnson

    first soulja boy tries shitting on 2pac now this?

  • burner

    terrible song. Maino is beyond wack.

  • asdsad