Joe Budden Speaks On His Ex-Girlfriend

blame it on Meka May 3, 2011

Not even 24 hours later than Power 105’s The Breakfast Club gets in contact with Joe to talk about his now-former relationship with Esther Baxter. Props to RR. This, my West Coast friends, is NYC morning radio.

UPDATE: He takes his talents to Hot 97 too (courtesy of miss info).

  • Could’ve let that Rae video breath for a bit though.

  • i hope he gets back on his emo shit.

  • wordtobigbird

    lol @ back on his emo shit..

  • southcakc23

    a rapper can’t become a dope MC unless he’s emo in his lyrics; otherwise the shit is force fed, industry “dumb dumb”, trash. Mouse needs to gone head and get locked back in with Tahiry…….

  • ck47

    Joey da don gettin that press

  • and won

    and nobody gives a fuck, shoulda never given that chick a thing but dick.

  • Air

    Free Counseling

  • hakz75

    Closet-homo, when will he look 4 a girl that aint a whore and settle down…how old is his guy anyway?

  • Caleb


    He’s only 30..

  • Chipz

    How in the fuck is this nigga a closet homo? how many thick ass video vixens does he have to smash to be considered “hetero” in your eyes? lol…He takes down Gloria, Somaya, Tahiry, and Ester(those are just the ones we know about) and your conclusion is that he likes men?…What u mean to say is “when is joe going to stop smashing thick ass dime pieces and find himself a average looking girl, that way a hater like yaself can feel better about the bum bitches you smash, lol…

  • hakz75

    i’m saying tho….this dude bags dimes right? these broads are scavengers looking for a meal ticket….it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. @ this point a ho shouldn’t have the capability of breaking a man of his experience’s heart…..this nigga making songs about it like its important to his fans….oh shit it is

  • hakz75

    and @ 30, a bitch shouldnt be a nigga problem…hasn’t he heard the song

  • jwiii

    y’all got me shaking my head. you must not get no pussy the way y’all talking about the women joey’s affiliated with, all of which have been fine.

  • hiphop

    limp dick never was