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Mr. J. Medeiros – Neon Signs f. Stro

blame it on Shake May 23, 2011

After a ridiculous back-and-forth with this dude on Twitter, I decided to check his music out. In reality I was already aware of it (through his work with The Procussions) but I never made the connection w/ the name. *shrugs… it’s definitely good music though, so it wouldn’t be right to not share. First single off his upcoming album, Suadade, which drops on June 14th.

DOWNLOAD: Mr. J. Medeiros – Neon Signs f. Stro | Alt

  • rell

    Bout Time! Medeiros is dope!

  • Way to encourage a couple billion rappuhz to try and replicate his, uh, promotional techniques….

  • Rachel

    This song is great. Mr. J’s music is worth buying. It’s all amazing.


    whoa. dope.

  • Josh Abeyta

    One of the illest mc/producer/musician/human beings…period!! (if that makes sense)

  • dailydonedidit

    Yes Finally mr. J gets love on this blog… soooooo DOPE!!! thanks! cant wait till his album comes out!

  • Michelle

    DOPE! Love his work. Keep the underground alive!

  • Well, that was a little awkward.

  • Joe

    Dope track. This def deserves a spot on 2DopeBoyz

  • HotFries

    Wow. Give the kid his props. This is some next-level ish.

  • Funk

    This jam is siiiiick! This proves great music is still out there! Eff lady gaga, weezy, and all that other lame shit! Hip-Hop Lives!!!

  • Dan Vo Van

    Buy his cd people!!!

  • Christian

    About time. One of the hottest lyricist around.

  • ken

    Flow is unreal.

    Mr. J never ceases to amaze me. He deserves recognition and respect (especially from this site).

    Keep up the good work J! We are all backing you

  • Jeremy

    J your sound continues to be unique, during a time when a lot of hip hop is selling out.

  • Dohreimee

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn! so I just bought his whole back catalogue after hearing this, dude is dope! does an album with ‘that dude from youtube’ – Boonie Mayfield too. gimme MORE!! MORE I TELLS YA!!

  • Shy

    this dude got stupid butthurt on twitter smh. dope music tho.

  • Q

    Dope song.

  • RM

    Really Dope!!! Can’t wait for this album to drop!!!

  • GR

    The drums on this song…..so nice.

  • Ftorres

    Mr js flow is sick. That plus unique beats equals a refreshing sound in hip hop.

  • barb

    I gave up on this site after the “Tyler the creator” situation but MAN thank you. just earned back the points you lost in the battle over cool and hype a few months ago. Vegas is too dry for you guys to survive without fresh sound like that.

  • Kid Icarus

    this is dope.. me & J need to work together

  • bobbychalkers

    Been a fan of the dude since The Procussions were still around. Nice to see him on this site.

  • Ryan Bowditch

    Anyone know who sings the hook?….straight silky smoothness.

  • wow i remember putting this on my blog last month, glad to see him make it up to 2dopeboyz though

  • jack johnson

    oh wait it was a few weeks ago :D

  • LloydJames

    Mr J always delivers as standard. The production on this is special and Stro – the way he comes in is great and his voice is a great compliment to Mr J’s flow

  • Jonesy Stark

    Know J personally he’s a real cool dude, hard worker, and very talented emcee/producer. I’m still holdin’ out hope that one day the Pros’ll reconnect and drop a new album. Until then I got J’s solo work to hold me over. His “of gods and girls” album on album still get’s bumped to this day.

  • Josh E

    Amazing. Hadn’t heard of Mr. J before but this song is probably one of the best i’ve heard in 2011.

  • Kingbeaner

    Just too dope for words. Flow is incredible!

  • amazing stuff! I love Mr. J

  • ESEF

    Dude got hella support on his indiegogo campaign http://www.indiegogo.com/Mr-J-Medeiross-new-album-Saudade

  • Devyn

    i have been following mr j for a little bit.. this recored sounds like its going to take off!

  • Logan

    My Boyz!! Dope…of course…

  • Albeezzy

    Common man! Mr. J? Really? Well if you did not know now you know, great quaility music, period.

  • Loving the new music J!! So glad to see Stro on a fresh new track.. made my day!

  • Steve

    J is a lyrical beast. Stro is one of the best producers I’ve heard. Nice of you guys to post this. Big up to colorado’s finest!

  • CmonSOn

    Great example of an artist who is talented, but his personality and the way he presents himself, on social networks for example, is just a total turnoff. Up to the point where I don’t want to listen to his music. I know people taking music seriously, but he just comes off as bitter and sad. It sounds weird, but I end up feeling sorry for the guy haha

  • Mr. J. Fan here I think it is a same 2dopeboyz has not know about his amazing Solo work since the Procussions. I can’t wait for June 14th.

  • res

    This is really sick!!!

  • Come On Sun

    @CmonSOn I have to strongly disagree with you about Mr. J.’s “social network” personality. He is the only artist I follow that consistently responds to his fans. I’ve seen his “rants” on twitter sure, but you wont meet an artist as passionate as he is. It doesnt offend me at all that he talks [email protected] bout the industry, I’ve learned alot just being a fan AND just a [email protected] tone of free music advice.

  • Ruben

    This guys music always uplifts. I’m surprised your Blog hadn’t caught on much earlier.

  • cooJo

    you should stick to Wrapping bud lol


    This song is incredible! BK

  • jamel234

    Original Hip-Hop!!! Love it!! Im going to have to check out this album!!

  • flavio

    is saudade home , is portuguese lol go medeiros

  • M. Strom

    Support this guy. Buy his next album on June 14th. Dope hip hop.

  • Slaughter

    One of the good guys.

  • Kevin.

    How long will it take for 2DBZ to realize that Mr. J. Mediocre just posted 45+ different comments about himself? wow guys

  • Spectaturd

    @kevin sure and the 120 likes? and the 900 DL on the link? conspirator.