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Sean Price Doesn’t F*ck w/ Female Rappers (Video)

blame it on Shake June 20, 2011

To be completely honest… outside of Jean Grae and Eternia, I’m pretty much in the same boat. Not that I don’t think the ladies have any talent, I just don’t find myself listening to many femcees these days.

  • Billy

    tbh tho feemale emcees are highly underrepresented theres like 100000000 male rappers at any given time and theres like 2 female rappers



  • T

    Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot >>>>>>>>>>>



  • adopeguest

    rapsody goes in…

  • marty mcfly

    What Missy and Nicki do , even though their music mite not be the best is bring something to the game. Alot of the dudes just try to be like who ever was last successful person. Like people trying to put Drakes formula in their music when that wont work because to do that you gonna need Drake. At least when a female shows up they bring something different to the table sometimes.

  • wu

    I agree with P. not that chicks cant rap, but that shit has no replay value.

  • TOCS

    NITTY SCOTT MC… Sheesh

  • A.I.

    I once had that mentality like Sean Price but to be honest but there are talented female artists out there… Nobody could tell me that Boog Brown or Invincible ain’t dope… Y’all should also check out Sa-Roc, Akua Naru, Narubi Selah and Nadirah X…

  • Billy

    kinda have to agree with dude but then again there arent too many good male rappers considering how many of them there are…
    still tho missy>> for her first 2 albums n the early timbo stuff even tho she was a singer/rapper/singer
    and lauryn hill>>>>>>>> rapper/singer/singer/rapper who put out an album better than most male rappers whole catalogues.

  • Apparently Im Sexist

    Im not saying they arent talented, I just dont listen to them. Even when I try to, I end up skipping their tracks on whatever CD I burn them onto.

    That said, Sean P has this crazy tendency to just pop off at the mouth in interviews and say some controversial shit for almost no reason.

  • CHRIS 8000

    B A H A M I D I A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEATHER B !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN DAMM I COULD GO ON !!!

  • DP

    I respect sean’s opinion. He doesn’t fuck with female rappers because they have no replay value and I don’t fuck with him because he bores the fuck out of me.

  • LMAO @martys comment the whole time i was readin it i was like “damn this bitch is goin off on this!” then i realized its marty mcfly! haha

    anyways im in the same boat as P, ill admit all day some females got skills, but none intrest me enough to go get a full album or anything, just how shit goes.. like how you gonna feel pullin up to a bynch of dudes and your bumpin the new missy elliot or jean grae cd?

  • J.O

    Rah Digga, Jean Grae spit better than like over half of the male species that rap… IMO

  • Purps McNuggets

    jean grae >> sean price

  • marty mcfly

    @ Jul2y the attempts at dissing me seem to get weaker every time but dont be mad cause I say whats the truth. Most of the male MCs think its all about bars and thats it. Some of the chicks brought bars , fashion sense , dynamic visuals to their videos and a overall personality to the game.

  • Perspective

    @marty mcfly

    I guess (and it might just be because I dont pay too much attention to feMCs) I just dont see what they’re doing that’s new.
    Jean Grae acts/raps just like pretty much every other underground street-style MC, and then Nicki Minaj = Foxxy Brown = Remy Ma = Lil Kim = Amil and every other hyper-sexed, over-acted and under-talented mainstream female rapper ever.

    (Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot are the obvious exceptions, but they’re also just as obviously missing from today’s rap scene)

  • Onederin

    I partly agree with P. Jean Grae is dope. Eternia is dope. Nitty Scott MC is still too green. I don’t really like her voice Rapsody is pretty good, but can be a little nonsensical at times. Invincible is dope. The females are out there and they represent well if you know who to listen to.

    It’s not that there aren’t good female emcees. I just don’t think females consider rapping as a viable path to follow.

  • The Real

    Fuck Eternia. Jesus. Like we need more culture vultures.

  • sean prices beard


  • OG Monsta

    OG Monsta Doesn’t F*ck w/ Sean P.

    dude wants to talk about no re-playability, hello this is Sean P, the one who uses the same old boring ass lines in every verse he does. he is the poster boy for no re-playability.

    Dessa’s better then them all anyway.

  • co-sign Perspective… as a dude thats not super rich i really have no reason to be into rappers with a high fashion sense or whatever you wanna call it, it just doesnt appeal to me, sure they can ryhme words just as wel as most the dude rappers but shit like blu, jay electronica, kendrick, freddie gibbs… theres NOT ANY chicks bringin half as hard, shit the co$$ album that drops tommorow is INSANE, no female rappers are gettin close to the dudes… sure they have there own lane… but its probably for women

  • daman

    I just got into Raven Sorvino, She Is Dope. She has potential to gain popularity

  • marty mcfly

    Look at all the eras of hip hop , fashion plays a huge roll. I personally im not all into having the most flashy cloths but fashion captures timeframes. For Example if I say think camouflage army suits or Shiny suits , or Fubu or Polo or NBA jerseys or Fila tracksuits. You are gonna think of a time in hip hop and the female MCs by nature pay attention to that. Men dont have to do that but its apart of the culture and skinny jeans and vans were just a bad look for hip hop. I just merely am saying SOME of the females in rap pay attention to aspects other then just bars.

  • Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

    ^Um… all of the fashion trends u named were MALE dominated trends. So there goes your point.

  • A.I.

    Jul2y, please go and listen to Akua Naru’s The Journey Aflame. That is one of the best albums you’ll get this year.

  • Dre

    Then you should Listen to Devynity, if you only like jean grae or Eternia.”To be completely honest… outside of Jean Grae and Eternia, I’m pretty much in the same boat. Not that I don’t think the ladies have any talent, I just don’t find myself listening to many femcees these days.” I think allot of you kats are wannabe industry kats. There are a nice amount of female emcees out there, y’all just closed minded. Check out DEVYNITY and then get back to me.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    I’m sorry what was Sean P’s last hit? Actually, who the fuck is Sean P. I had to Wikipedia him and I saw he was from the YoungBloodZ and he’s from Atlanta so I already know he’s hot garbage.

  • @A.I. i dont think your understanding the point.. girls have skills and akua’s album is probably REALLY GOOD, i just listened to the song backflip, and its alright like everythings there, im not hatin on it but theres no way that this chicks gonna touch kendrick with section80 or freddie with cold day in hell or blu with noyork

  • marty mcfly

    Actually my point still stands and I can elaborate more but you wouldnt get it anyway cause when fools see something dope they wanna be just like it. People like Missy , Busta rhymes wanted to be different and LOOK different. The few females in the game are forced to make an impact by creating differences in sound and in look. While alot of the fellas are copying something that already exists. Are female rappers as dope as the greats in hip hop? Not in most cases but im sure one day they’ll be a female rapper with the looks of Lady May ( Round up ft. Blu cantrell ) , the creativity of Missy and the lyrical bars of Medusa. Lastly – Janelle Monae cloths a apart of her music , same with Dipset and old Kanye. New rappers take notes.

  • hey marty did you not see the @A.I. before my class… thats means im not talking to you.. so good job tryin to call me an idiot cause you wasted all that time on your post and im not even gonna read it cause i wasnt even talking to you in the first place dumbass

  • post*

  • CK

    @red U LOST.. u dont even know Sean P.. and then u google him and get the wrong Sean P and base your opinion on whatever faulty info u read?

  • AFriendOfDaveNavarro

    @red – you’re an idiot bro, you’re thinking of sean paul
    @martymcfly – you’re still a bitch
    P is a beast!

  • A.I.

    Jul2y, Section80 is probably going to be album of the year undoubtedly and I’ll give Kendrick Lamar his props like all other artists be it male or female who drops a dope album.

  • haha kendrick gon kill it!!
    i just threw that akua album on my ipod so ima go blaze and check the whole thing out, i’ll give it a try


    Sean Price hates everybody he hates kid cudi this niggas a bitcjh

  • unclesam

    I like Raven Sorvino, A LOT. I think she’s dope. She sounds sexy in a way. Her voice makes me want to fuck her (but after the first time I saw her, I wanted to fuck her even more!).

  • markaveli

    SMFH @ red lolllllllll……mistook P for Sean Paul…..lmfao….you f’n lost.

  • ?seriously

    @Marty mcfly
    And over sized baggy pants and long ass t shirts that look like dresses, du rags and big ass ugly jerseys, everything fubu isn’t?

  • Illa

    ^^^ Cosign LMFAO!!!!!!!!

  • big lou

    Mae Day #DetroitStandUp

  • CLEARY ALL you naysayers live under a fucking rock…

    plenty lady beasts out there.


  • komplexx904

    All these posts and no mention of Boog Brown? Go get the Brown Study right now.

  • Tone Riggz

    Eternia, Jean Grae, Invincible, Psalm.One…Nitty Scott is on the comeup, Rapsody is on the comeup…I have to disagree with P. here…

  • Ali

    people talkin about when did Sean Price last have a hit or WHO he is and googling the wrong guy (your a moron for that), when did most of you favorite undergrond rappers have a hit? just to shit on that comment: the Random Axe album is gettin praised as 1 of the top albums of this year, and Ruck don’t hate, he DISlikes stuff that isn’t to his taste just like everyone else
    back on topic: its been said already but only chick i can mention here is Jean Grae who would stomp a mudhole thru your asshole (lyrically), a few other chicks got skills but not really caught my ear for me to go out my way n listen to them, but Jean’s better than most guys lyrically and creatively also, i can listen to her albums and other projects all he way thru, which reminds me her mixtape droppin this week = YESSSS!!!!

  • carpe

    how many ladies have you seen come up to you asking for you to listen to their album on sum 1990s style walkman? slim to NONE.

    ladies are in the game but you get no recognition unless your titties are out. the ones that still hold it down in the underground circuts are dope no doubt.

  • P U Lost

    Sean P took an L on this one. I could name a group of femcees that have re-play value… Lauryn Hill (of course!), Eve’s 1st album was DOPE, Queen Latifah, Missy, etc. Theirs actually even more than one femcee thats better than HIM. He needs to update his flow because HE doesnt have any re-play value. Once you’ve heard one Sean Price song you’ve heard ’em all. He’s had the same flow that sounds like he’s freestylin in the booth since ’95 n shit smh. Tell P to listen to Eternia or K’La the Lyricsist’s mixtape “The Coldest Winter Ever” and then ask him if femcees still don’t have any replay value.

  • smh

    Wow that’s extreme 4 real. Sorry but that’s a steaming pile of BS they’ve been plenty of female MC’s that i’ve listened to that had dope music this nikka trippin

  • mazoomy

    Wow Shake doesn’t like Nitty Scott, MC? You out of your mind?

  • B-rown

    THAT’S JUST HIS OPINION. Calm the fuck down people. He’s not a damn fanboy like most of y’all. There isn’t enough time in the day to listen to every fucking artist that’s out. So what if he doesn’t listen to any females besides Rah Digga.

    I respect his opinion because he likes what he likes. Can’t disagree with someone for actually having taste and is willing to stand by it.

  • Smooth Silver

    He didn’t say ‘THEY’RE NOT GOOD’ he said ‘I DON’T LIKE ‘EM”.
    You can be.. surprised.. maybe… but there’s sbsolutely nothing to agree or disagree about here.

  • THEdopeboy

    He’s just being honest. If he doesnt fuck with them he doesnt fuck with them. Aside from a couple there arent any that hold my attention at all.

  • So he actually likes two female rappers, MC Lyte & Rah Digga.

    I would say Rah goes in, I like Eternia & Jean Grae is dope DEFINITELY … otherwise I’m not a fan either. Lauryn Hill hasn’t been a ‘rapper’ in a while, but she is dope when she gets busy too. Rage was nice years ago but she faded out with Death Row’s fall, aside from a few tracks. Every now & then I hear ONE verse that’s nice from a new female rapper but nothing ever comes from it.

  • ^ Co-sign B-rown above

    “There isn’t enough time in the day to listen to every fucking artist that’s out.” Wish more people understood this!


    did everyone forget about foxxy brown?

  • rah digga’s classic is the only album i got by a female rapper… so i guess i coincidentally agree…

  • emil

    Sean Price is nothing but a bitter loser. He’s such a bitch. Boring as nigga,

  • Pauly Dee

    At this point, ALL marty posts should be ignored. Anyways, I’m not into female rappers like that. I mean, theres Raven Sorvino, Jean Grae, Eternia, and a few others that get a check for me. But theere are some like Lil Mama, Lil Kim, and Nicki Minaj that just are trash and don’t seem to represent the females side of the genre.
    (And believe me when I say, I will listen to LA ROUX on a Lex Luger beat before I willingly listen to those three above.)

  • ted


  • Sean P is one of my Favorite emcees but This is just crazy. Jean, Lyte, Rah, Rapsody, That Boss Album was bananas. Brat, Kim, Its even a couple of Local to NC females that I would listen to over pretty much anyone on the radio. Can’t believe he said that and he rhymes with Rustee Juxx and Agallah, They Suck.