• Kidd

    expecting something good if its anything liked what i heard yesterday

  • Chris
  • http://www.soundcloud.com/ep559 EPmusic

    maaaaan BUMP MY SHIT .. http://www.soundcloud.com/EP559 thanks!!

  • The Dopeness

    Hell yeaa been waiting for this shit to drop!! Dopenesss!!!

  • realtalk

    Good mixtape. Flip The Bird needs to focus more on Prie & Kwalified and dump Creed Chameleon.

  • hihater

    And I thought I was a hater..... This video is hot... Good shit Prie... Looking forward to listening..

  • otis da bomb shit!

    damn this shit is hard

  • http://www.iamcreativ.com SeriouslyJoking

    This shit is tight! I know this is a music blog, but as a graphic designer, I cringed at that picture. The perspective is all wrong. But the music is on point.

  • alex

    This nigga is always rapping about how much his haters don't matter to him.

    So why the fuck do you keep talking about them then? It goes along with his soft mentality on Twitter, where he used to beg people to retweet links to his tracks, and then get into fights and threaten to "leave the game" when things wouldn't go his way. It's no surprise that he's dickriding Drake on this tape.

    Prie's a terrible representation of Hawaii hip-hop.

  • 808

    gritty 50.

  • rob

    pretty dope shit hawaii keepin it steady for a minute now