Fonz-E Mak – The 6:21 Theory (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake October 8, 2011

And the 2008ighties Crew train keeps steaming ahead. After showcasing Julian Malone’s latest video last night I got hit up on Twitter by Fonz-E Mak asking if he could send his recently released project. Already knowing fellow member’s Ju and Calez put together good tunes, I welcomed the project with open ears. And sure enough… it’s dope. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

01. Your Mom Likes My Intro
02. Breeze Owes Me Cash
03. And Then They Played It
04. Hitchhiker’s Guide =)
05. Esoteric Fanbase
06. This Song Sucks (iJusWannaSing)
07. Ambitions of A Nobody
08. Public Enemies
09. The Johnny Bravo Complex
10. Saturday Program (Interlude)
11. Dirty Mike and The Boys
12. Mila Doubleday
13. Peter Francis Geraci
14. The Storm After The Calm
15. Vash the Stampede
16. Karma Is A Pretty Respectable Woman f. Julian Malone
17. Marathon of Greatness f. Julian Malone
18. Hangin w/ Mr. DOOM
19. Dope Red Flannel

DOWNLOAD: Fonz-E Mak – The 6:21 Theory (Mixtape)

  • kane


  • Toby

    All the guys in the group are dope, all deserve shine on the site, props for putting them on Shake, appreciated.

  • jjb

    this is what this site needs forget that officer ricky lil wayne teeny bopper bullshit

  • Broke Ass Nigga Gang

    2008igthies The Team nigga subscribe to

  • joeyJay

    imma check it out but dude already lost 1 point for tryna remake N.E.R.D’s “in search of..” cover and doin a poor job of it. but i know u cant judge a book from its cover

  • nerds

    dope that karma is a pretty respectable woman samples a thievery song. the whole tape is nice

  • Real Nigga

    @joeyJay It doesnt look like he’s trying to copy, it looks like he’s showing homage and paying respect to a classic.

  • MegaMan

    He got a song name Vash The Stampede IM IN!!!!!

  • joeyJay

    @ real nigga
    i didnt say he was copying. i just wasnt a fan of how low budget it looked compared to the og. but the project is coo overall

  • jaxonsilver

    this is the nicest tape ive heard in a while.
    9.5/10. really doe

  • MegaMan

    I downloaded the tape and the tracklist is a mess. Can this rappers keep this shit professional please? I dont mind organizing the songs but lets be real THIS IS YOUR PRODUCT kid. Lets make it more presentable.

  • hesis


    Why care so much about the cover? Dope music is what matters and this kid has it in spades.

  • Bobby Johnson


    If your only complaint is his songs not being in order than he must be doing something

  • Damn, glad I checked this dude out. Some of the freshest shit out right now. Dope.

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  • Thinker

    good tape but my complaint is the same as dude above [email protected], I wish he would fix it. just a habit, i need my library lookin straight. titles, features, artwork, track numbering, all the good stuff. THANKS!