The Weeknd – Initiation

blame it on Miss_Peas October 8, 2011

The Weeknd lets loose this new track, possibly off his new project, Echoes Of Silence. XO.

DOWNLOAD: The Weeknd – Initiation | Mediafire
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  • Man, The Weeknd Becomes More And More Impressive w/ Each Release.

  • Come on man who really likes this shit SMH Check out The dream new 1977, he the truth!

  • Rick Ross is the GOAT

    Why even type that paragraph of bullshit?
    Cmon Drake,
    Im just sayin you could do better

  • Shade

    He needs to stop fucking around release that Echoes Of Silence.

  • ^ He just released Thursday in August guy haha. I was the same way when he was holding off on Thursday, but it’ll come in time.

  • You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

    So 3 projects in a year?

    Can’t complain about the rate the dude is putting out quality shit.

  • Derek

    The weeknd is good but i still like Frank Ocean music more.

  • Frank

    ^wait im confused what does frank ocean have to do with this? what was your hope in bringing him up?

  • Man Frank Ocean Was Tight. Then I Realized That The Weeknd Bringing Gangsta Back. Like Do Niggas Listen To What He Sayin? This Guy Is A Miserable Man Playin w/ Booger Sugar. He Not Sayin Nothing Cute. His Brand Of Sound I Think Is More So For Niggas Who Wanna Hear Some Nice Singing w/o All That Goo Goo Ga Ga Love Shit All The Time.

  • k3

    cant get into his new shit
    house of balloons was hot
    but that was it for me..

  • David

    I would like this more if he didn’t do the pitch variation thing..

  • asdfghjkl

    Foreal frank ocean n the weeknd been.them niggas, miguel too

  • asdfghjkl

    frank ocean & the weeknd are them niggas, miguel coo too…

  • The dream had to change his name to become relevant again (Terius Nash? the fuck). Frank ocean is of a different style no point in comparing, he is an outstanding artist. Tesfaye’s new track here is fire, and if you don’t like it I don’t blame you, its not for everybody, especially you soft hearted lovely dovey types.

  • Intelligence

    ^This idiot. Terius Nash is The-Dream’s birth name, and he only is releasing one project under that name. His next album will be under The-Dream

  • D

    Meh. Sounds like any other UK dubstep released this year (with some singing over the top). US heads be ignorant thinking this guy is different.

  • It’s funny to see the things people say. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. People act as if their taste in music is meant to please others. Also, people talk bad about someone’s music as if that artist caused harm to them or their family, or took food out of your mouth. Then some act as if the artist is putting food in their mouth. It’s music. It’s meant to enjoy, relate to, sing to, cry to, bump to, vibe to, dance to. Everyone has different levels of emotion. Get over yourselves.

  • Bobby Ray

    at least you can make out what he’s saying on this one.. House of Balloons was dope, Thursday was straight but it’s annoying bcuz you can barely make out wtf he’s saying.. but this one is back on point.. it helps to be able to hear the words

  • bam

    helium ballons……genus song,

  • Mike

    @ the guy saying he isn’t different (“D”). You proved it yourself that he is different (fyi I listen to dubstep). Where else have you heard dubstep with singing… no where, ala him being diff. And I dont even consider this being dub. it has so many elemets of diff genres in it. It’s hard to just give it the name of an “R&B” track.

  • sayWORD

    WTF is this nigga saying? Damn! It’s really irritating how in nearly all of his songs he’s mumbling. Talk clear or something. There’s no reason to let the beat overpower your voice.

  • wHerE’s mY mOneY biTcH!!

    This sound gay only women and fags will like this

  • i hate when dude’s be sayin “ala” in the middle of their sentence. there’s nothin unique about that. especially when you’re usin it wrong

  • i hate when dude’s say “ala” in the middle of their sentences. it doesn’t sound unique. you could you use the word “hence”. whatever tho.

    the track is pretty dope. i love how he switched the pitches and how the beat is dark and ominous. can’t wait to hear echoes.

  • linkz

    @mike are high thers lots dupstep with singing fuck up lame i listen to dupstep sure you do

  • TOrrentsfsaf11


    Filename: Rick Ross-I Love My Bitches

  • jfkennedy

    I was a fan of House of Balloons, but Thursday was pretty bad (in my opinion). I can sort of get behind this though.


    Give it a quick might actually fuck with it.

  • Wear new shoes around the house a few times to break them in before wearing them outside. This will also scuff the sole a bit making it less slippery on polished surfaces.

  • watchout

    This is so … bad.

  • Driving a car in heels is not a good idea, especially in very high heels or platforms. This is even more dangerous with a standard transmission. You can always bring a pair of sensible shoes for driving, and change into your favorite high heels after you arrive at your destination.

  • b.

    this shit is nasty & raw as fuck. hell yea!!!

  • Major_It_Is

    This shit goes!!! And I actually liked “Thursday”. I didnt at first but it grew on me. House of Ballons is still my shit tho

  • d easy

    This is the best song he has made imo

  • d easy

    Best song he’s made imo

  • Jay Daniels

    I honestly think if Thursday came out b4 HOB people would fuck with it the same. It’s on the exact same level tho. This took some getting used to but I like it.

  • unclesam

    No, Thursday and House of Balloons ARE NOT the same, HoB was pretty dope, Thursday is pure trash. The vocals are so high pitched that it´s impossible to listen to and the beats are much weaker than the beats on HoB were, why he´d “switch up” his style that was dope is beyond me.

  • ImGood


  • zookeeper

    Form of Flattery. The Dream blows this guy out the water.

  • dubcyde

    This >> Thursday mixtape

  • Dan

    Stop bringing Frank Ocean up. Excellent artist, no correlation. Sorry

  • LM


    There is tons of dubstep with singing. Even when it was the first time it was done it wasnt even original. It’s not now either.

    Dubstep is wank anyway.

  • Life Accordin’ To Dutch

    “Thursday” is just as hot as “HOB”..stop tryna justify yall weak ass opinions..u just dont get “it”..thats cool but stop tryin to put out yo opinions on pitch and all tht other stupid ass shit..he sing tht falsetto on “thursday” just as high on “hob”..matter of fact “thursday” is extremely hot because its in story form but u probably didnt get that…and this is obviously going to be his next thing he on..this boy hot..and that is the end of the story and so is Dream..they can all co-exist..more music for you

  • Dream is overrated… yeah, I said it.

  • Jimmy Jam

    LMAO @ dude above who said The-Dream had to change his name to become relevent again. FAIL FAIL FAIL and you thought you knew something too.

    I can’t get jiggy with this shit here.

  • LVC1954

    Aaaaaaarghhhh i just spazzed out in my room listening to this. I cannot smoke weed without listening to The Weeknd. House of Balloons, Thursday…I hope he does not drop another free joint. I want to pay for this shit. About time these brothers started getting paid for the stuff they put out. Yo The Weeknd, Slap 8.99 on the next joint you drop. Enough with the free top quality stuff. Most of these fools do not appreciate it when shit is free that is why there is so much trash talk around. Comparing Frank Ocean to The Weeknd, different lanes fool. No correlation.

  • rell

    Thursday better than house of ballons.Niggas need to stop comparing frank & weeknd they 2 totally different artist in different lanes both bring something different to the game.

  • rell

    With that being said if you poppin ex the weeknd is your guy.

  • Weezin’Ed

    WElp…looks like we reached a consensus….can’t wait till EoS drops….and Thursday was a concept tape…a damn good one concerning it was all about a thirsty thursday nite…of course…to each his own…but already i can tell EoS is gonna be better…sn…LOVE FRANK OCEAN…wished he dropped sum new ish…but i can tell his songmakin process is strenous

  • huzzzahhh

    house of balloons was straight bangers, no doubt.
    but thursday showed the weeknd grew as an artist. it was a concept album. idk if niggas realize that. and really if you can’t understand what he was saying on thursday after a few listens, then you must not listen to much music outside of rap. first off, understanding lyrics shouldn’t be a top priority when hearing a song.
    just enjoy and vibe to it.
    thursday had some dope ass songs. gone, life of the party, the zone, the birds pt. 1.

    and this track is nice, too. but yeah it would have been 10000x nicer if he did not do the pitch changing thing at all. smh. he already sounds great as both a rapper and singer, idk why he felt the need to fuck up his voice…

  • Mike

    @ linkz there show me one dubstep song where someone is singing like this?

    Regardless this beat is not dubstep.

  • RIP

    The Weeknd is a poor man’s James Blake. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • dfs

    @RIP really dont understand that comparison at all. atmospheric music with vocals i guess but still a huge reach. big fan of both though

  • GtotheFOxo

    The Weeknd ALL FUCKING DAY

    HoB, Thursday, and now this are in heeaavvvyyy rotation

  • Ray

    Honestly, The-Dream, Frank and Weeknd have their own type of genre, SO STOP BRING UP THE-DREAM AND FRANK!!! and fyi, 1977 was a shit album and was under his real name because he wanted to be separate from his good albums, only good thing about it was Casha and Pharrell.

  • bringthe707out

    the lyrics to this shit are pretty fuckin insane, dope fuckin track
    it would be ill if a version of this song with the weeknd’s normal voice the whole song surfaced one day, even though this one gives a better experience.

  • T

    I think the change in voice pitch sounds dope

    gives it that raw as fuck vibe

    and tbh I wasnt a huge fan of Thursday at first but it’s def a grower

    let’s not forget this is all free shit


  • deekone

    the crazy thing is its not technically pitching up or down its just an effect

  • question

    ok are you guys talkin about the dream as in the singer who be on the radio???