Wale – Slight Work f. Big Sean (prod. Diplo)

blame it on Meka October 25, 2011

With Diplo and his minimalist production style serving as the backdrop, Wale and Sean attempt to craft a new club cut off Ambition. I prefer “Bait” more. November 1st…

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  • I can’t see anybody dancing to this shit, but then again I could be wrong. Either way this shit is bad and easily forgettable. I’m surprised he thinks Ambition will be a classic considering his musical taste as of late.

  • Crash

    Fuck that,this song is crazy …listen to the verses

  • MyFiddyCents

    Only the police will dance to this

  • chad

    damn this shit awful aint nobody checking for either 1 of these niggas. i forgot this nigga even had a album coming out

  • fratbastard

    This was def leaked early to reach a whole different set of people. I’m not ecstatic bout this but I’m seeing friends that aint into rap retweet this and go bananas. Could def end up being a smart move for Wale sales wise. People that were gonna buy Ambition aren’t not going to cause of this but I’m damn sure some people that wouldn’t of are gonna check it out now.

  • bigdaddyfatsax

    that noise sound familiar any1 kno what song its from

  • cj

    the producer leaked it on his fb…and its honestly not that bad of a still has 2 grow on a lot of people tho

  • nc

    wow what happened to the mixtape wale?? whata waste.

  • This is the wackest shit I’ve heard in a while. The verses are good, but I can’t enjoy them on this beat straight out a gay bar…

  • js

    I’m not feeling this one too much, but I can’t say I’m not excited about his album

  • jomoses

    Man why hasn’t the album leaked yet?

  • iyourface


  • undefeated

    this is wack stop sugar coating it…these verses aint special god this beat is really awful!!!

  • the song not bad……..i guess its new thing make club song and put on ur album…….but ambition about be like that. …..yall hating ass niggas need stop hating….. yall just hating on nigga cuz he sign wit ross smh he did it for money and to get more of fan base

  • niggaroach

    Yall just hating…This is something yall never heard before..and yall mothafucks just mad…song is good

  • Gumbi

    hows wale gonna say hes tryna make the next illmatic with Ambition and put this shit out? just awful.

  • HEEM



  • chad


    cause nobody checkin for that shit

    this gotta be what music in a gay club sound like.

  • if your true fan you eithier… u eithier fuck wit or dnt.. ….its simple stop all that winning stuff about nigga sign wit ross, he not consious he change…….kill moe its 2011 the game change smdh

  • RetRo

    It’s sounds like any productions of Diplo ! It can be a track from his project Major Lazer ! Not so Bad !!!

  • rofl its funny how any rapper thats not big put music out and 2dopeboyz people listen to them and sice it…….but as soon as they get big they just start hating………just saying niggas fuck wit wale sean when they werent big but now they are niggas go ham saying they suck……..nigga just turn 18 just like my teacher said opinions are like ass holes everyone have them…….I still fuck wit nigga cuz nigga goes as rapper…..if u dnt think so then its wateva

  • thatrealshit

    cant wait til wale sells less than 60k first week and finds out that sellin out wont sell u records. dude gonna learn the hard way and its too bad for someone who still has alotta talent

  • Kill Somethin

    Love the track something different.. Definitely something I can hear in the club.. Kinda reminds me of that OG Young Gunz track…cant rememeber the name..

  • Crash

    Why are niggas in here such experts at the music they play bat gay bars?
    Any ways,niggas just hate on anything that might end up on the radio .if this was a single it would be great cuz it has actual wordplay. Pointlessly hating on unique,lyrical singles just keeps repetitive songs on the radio.

  • MyFiddyCents

    ^ @TmaseMan, Your talking out your ass I fucks with Wale’smusic, Lotus Flower Bomb and Tatts on my arm, focussed – all dope.

    This is fully turd.

    Stop with the petty “fucks with the small time, hate on the big time” shit. The song just sucks and only your family should have your unconditional love, not Wale.

  • wordcents

    skrillex….100x bette than diplo

  • Maga D

    C’mon son, you really think people gonna like cop sirens in the club/party? that’s gonna scare the shit outta poeple lmao.

  • mcnyce

    when u niggas gon realize that an album cant be 15 songs of the same hardcore hip-hop shit. dont get me wrong, i love hip-hop and the lyrical aspect of it. But you have to do songs like this to complete an album. you guys have to learn to accept songs for what they are. and a good rapper is always gonna have a dope verse regardless of the direction of the track. verse wise, no complaints. shit good money to me.

  • SlickMoney

    This don’t have to be a club song, all you arrogant niggas thinking every song gotta be some club smash or go hard as fuck are dumb. You know bitches gunna go to the gym and work out to this shit. The instrumental is basic, but it’s unique, and Wale and Sean’s verse are absolutely solid. No complaints.

  • Fad

    ^Have you ever heard a Diplo production before? Anything but unique.

  • Hip Hop is dead

    Hip hop is so wack now its barely even music its just rappity rap over beats thats just noise. Even the shit people claim is underground is really just old mainstream commercial radio music.

  • Bizbeagle

    if you like this beat youre a faggot, plain and simple.

  • Pugz

    I’m going to hate because all I listen to is Nas WOOOO CHECK ME OUT. STFU HATERS. Blogs are ridiculous, I only check them for the music, you kids should shut the fuck up.

  • MagnumMan

    Crack… for real tho!! It’s gonna get so many spins tho haha, Wale laughing at the haters

  • scott

    sounds like some chris brown gay shit

  • R.I.P. Wale

    I listen to rap/hip hop, not shit that 13 year old girls listen to.

    Sorry. This is garbage.

  • kevin

    @R.I.P. Wale: agreed.

  • hai

    lmfaooo this is horrible

  • ThaKidNoah

    I’ve been rocking wit Wale since Hate is the new love mixtape and I have to say this song is trash i hope this is not on the album I wud prefer Bait over this

  • Fiend

    It’s a Diplo beat have u heard Snoop’s “That Tree” or Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now”? WTF were u expecting? Some Preemo ish? lol OF COURSE IT WAS GONNA SOUND LIKE THIS, the beats pretty fruity but the verses were pretty good, not verses of the year by any means but they were dope.

  • ThaTruth

    Lmao at the police sirens and the snares sound like punches fx from a old action movie . This beat is Gay as fuck. I wanna know how the clubs gonna react to this song cause this shit is funny

  • Drake sucks.

    ^^^ Drake sucks.

    Nobody knows real hip hop anymore… sad.

  • factdo

    wale laugh too much when he raps. your bars aint that funny nigga

  • yep

    Police station muzic!

  • Musikfiend

    I’m sorry there’s no saving this track. It’s WACK!!

  • ProducerFROMtheBX

    Diplo is a house/electronic producer. If you don’t respect those genres or Diplo with his success, then you just don’t know about musical diversity and if you don’t know about that, well then… You’re opinion is tasteless and useless.

    On another note. This SPECIFIC beat, I didn’t enjoy. Wale be wildin’. Smh. Lyrics was good though, flow dope. Diplo in the Hip-Hop market? Hmm, I’d rather deadmau5.

    Oh and for the dudes who only get play from birds, hoodrats and men at the gay bar (apparently(. I hope you know how many BAD and I mean BAD BITCHES only listen to house/electronic. You dudes should travel more often.

  • daman

    I dont mind this track but I don’t like how all of the songs off the album that Ive heard are aimed for the radio. Its cool to have radio songs, but your album shouldnt be that commercial

  • Pauly Dee

    This is a cool radio track, but the beat needs work. And thats from a electronic/club view.

    Wale killed it though. Look at his lyrics again.

  • dontworryaboutit

    Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Young Gunz anyone?

  • Dope lyrics can’t save this song. Overall it’s just not good. I’m getting less and less excited about Ambition, but I’ll be buying it to support anyways. Hopefully he’s got a gem or two on it at least.

  • ayegee

    Is this is sampling “cha cha slide”?

  • nextcp3

    why hasnt this album leaked yet

  • thatrealshit

    lost ones video is out and its fuckin doooope


    its being under-shipped so they can wait longer to send it out lol this song sucks btw

  • friendsbfriends

    please someone tell diplo to go back to 2001.

  • marko
  • Kill Somethin

    man dude said why have i only heard radio attractive songs from off the album.. Uuuh because before the album drops u are really only supposed to hear radio attractive songs. Thats how its was always meant to be. DUH! And on another note albums are supposed to be a full body of work, this song reminds me of a time when u could just have fun on 1 or 2 tracks of ur album and it was ok. Like biggie “player hater” or some fun filled track where heard alone you be like wtf, but along with the album, u’d be like oh ok yea we needed a lil fun time from all the lyrical crap. And i feel thats what Jcoles album is missing.. IMO

  • Chess

    Ambition is gonna suuuuuuuuuuuck. Bait is bad, Bad Girls Club sucks, and this is WAY worse.

  • ShigZilla

    i gota pair of j’s, i rolla pair of j’s, we up at diamond suplly spendin that CARAT CAKEE!!!

  • undefeated

    i question anyone’s intelligence who finds these lyrics good….like seriously this is bad. IDC about it being radio..but this aint even radio worthy imo….its pretty damn safe to say Wale’s original fan base has started to crumble,they dont like this…n its not like his album only has 1 or 2 songs like this ..this is half the fucking album son!….people are not haters because they dont like it…anyone calling someone a hater because they said it was wack or pressed the dislike button has a extreme amount of ignorance in their brains…unless someone is saying how much they would like see wale fail then there not hating..its just an opinion fagit ass niggas i swear.after hearing all the leaks and the stuff he’s been pushing out not interested in ambition anymore now but i wish him the best.

  • fratbastard

    ^^I respectfully disagree.
    I’m not about this track but Wale doesn’t get enough credit for being a really smart dude. While I’m not into this track I will say it’s pretty fucking innovative. First rap song I’ve heard with dope lines that I could see getting played at a rave. Shit like this will expand his fanbase. The old Wale we know won’t ever go away but it’s childish for dudes to get all up in arms when he releases an innovative/experimental track like this.

  • smh

    This shit is horrible. Damn this nigga fallen off hard since “a mixtape about nonthing”. Two sellout ass niggas on a track. I don’t like neither of these niggas no more FF3 was ass and FF the album was even worse.

  • IZM

    Just saying… I’ve NEVER been to a rave that would play some shit like this. Shit, I haven’t been to a rave in like 2 years that’s played anything but dubstep anyway.

  • fratbastard

    ^^Trust me man. I hit up electronic fests whenever I get the chance cause no lie that is the preemo location for fine floozys and they would def go crazy for this track.

  • IZM

    There’s a difference between a rave and an electro show. I agree, I could see Diplo spinning this in the middle of a Major Lazer set, but that’s mostly because Major Lazer is corny as fuck anyway. But at a rave? NEVER. It would kill the entire mood.

    And please don’t use the phrase “fine floozys”. I mean seriously dude, that’s just weird.

  • ssk88

    I like it. Definitely a banger. Don’t mind the haters Wale. Ambition is coming bitches. 11.1.11

  • B. Emerson 909

    So we talking hip hop or house music now???
    this is some bitch ass pitbull/lmfao shit

  • Boogie

    He put out a song for all masses…he will go platinum! & yall some fucking haters lmao sad

  • james dean

    I def. played this at a party last night to get ppl’s reactions..Based on what I saw.I think he might have one with this shit..

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