Your (2)Dope Opinion: What Would You Like To Know About Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke DZA?

blame it on Miss_Peas October 31, 2011

Miss_Peas is going to be attending The Smoker’s Club Tour in Sacramento on Tuesday and will have the opportunity to interview Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T. and Smoke DZA and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for fans to ask any questions they may have for the acts on the tour. Please put the artist’s name next to the questions. Thank you.

  • Dave Chappelle

    How much dope yall smoke in a day? -Spitttttta

  • Gee Dot Que

    Big Krit: With all the comparisons you’ve received in regards to pimp c, including your relationship with bun b, is it possible we might see a collaborative project with you and bun anytime soon?

  • Wich strain is your favorite? Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke DZA

  • blahhh

    What’s next for the Jets? How far is that Jet Life album? Any other artist Curren$y looking to sign? What other projects will he be doing this year? When will Young Roddy drop a solo project?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHtkg6VdNi0

    I got the opportunity to interview BIG KRIT the other night. Please check it out!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHtkg6VdNi0

    I interviewed BIG KRIT 10/27/11 @ Congress Theater, Check it out! He gives really cool insight about his production.

  • Nathaniel

    Curren$y, do you have any collaborative projects in store with Sir Michael Rocks?

  • hardy

    I would like to know if someone of them is coming to Germany. Simple question, simple answer.

  • Just

    You guys need to get better mic. Seriously.

  • turftalka

    Curren$y: “Will you ever work w/. Ski Beatz?” or “What happened w/. Center Edge Territory?”
    Big K.R.I.T.: “With the success of K.R.I.T. Wuz Here & Return Of 4eva, and your album coming out on Def Jam, will you still release free albums?” or “Is there any plans of collaborating w/. Cole or Kendrick?”
    Smoke DZA: “What’s your favorite project you made and why?” or “How did the collaborations w/. Lex Luger happen?”

  • asdfghjkl

    Ask em bot method man

  • TheMezz

    Big KRIT: Why weren’t you at the smokers club in Minneapolis?

  • FreddieGibbs

    What does Big K.R.I.T. thinks about Freddie Gibbs as a man and an artist?

  • Joe T

    Is Roddy gonna drop some solo shit?

    Who else is Spitta looking to sign? ….Dom K

  • T

    @K.R.I.T.: What new artists are you checking for and who do you see making the 2012 XXL Freshman list?

  • BP

    Curren$y – How do you explain quantity over quality and vice versa to an artist like Jay Electronica?

    K.R.I.T. – On your future releases, are you going to let more people produce for you or are you going to go the route Kanye has gone and produce or have a hand in almost everything you record?

  • superzyrex

    whoever wants to answers – im sure in your travels, all of you have witnessed some wild things go down. are there any wild/crazy/funny tour stories you’d like to share?

  • kd

    When the fuck yall dropping a song together man..SPitta/Krizzle/Kushed God

  • bob

    Which one of you 2 (Spitta/DZA) can smoke more in 1 hour? We all know KRIT last

  • yuhhh

    Curren$y when we gettin that PUFF DADDY prod by Chuck Inglish?

  • mal

    Big K.R.I.T.- How would someone who is interested in being a producer start? what materials and music knowledge is needed?

  • LowKeyOz

    Looking back on your mixtape days (mixtape month after month after month), do you feel like you had the biggest hassle getting recognition for your shit?

  • bass

    Curren$y “What are your 5 favorite j’s?”

  • ForcedExposure

    All 3: How much do you spend on weed monthly?

  • boss

    Spitta: Whats the progress on muscle car chronicles and will you be doing any other projects with alchemist before re-conversationalize?

  • Stoner Loner

    Method Man: When is How High 2 coming out? The fans been dying for a sequel

  • nito

    curren$y: do you have any plans on doing a how fly part 2?

  • RobertAllen

    K.R.I.T. and Curren$y – Can we get some more K.R.I.T. X Spitta collabos in the future? Possibly an album? The South needs it…

  • Train

    @Big Krit: Whats up with the no show in Minneapolis? I had ppl that went to see you more than anyone else because you’ve never done a show up here

  • soufsill

    curren$y do you watch weeds on showtime and what are your thoughts on it?

  • dipset 619

    for all three of these muthafuckers ….how the hell do u not come to san diego ….

  • Skip Dillenger

    Curren$y: Do you plan signing any more artist to JLR ie Dom Kennedy or Kyleon?

  • aggzworth

    I dont think Dom would sign with JLR… Hes tryna start his own independant movement OPM

  • Spitta: Break your foot trying to kick it how I kick it?… How many guest appearance offers have you turned down? Any worth naming?

  • JohnnyB

    For Curren$y: Do you ever feel pressure to drop new music constantly?

  • Ben

    Ask Curren$y if Roddy’s gonna drop a solo tape.
    Ask DZA and Curren$y what their favorite kind of rolling papers are.
    Ask them all what their favorite TV shows are.
    Ask K.R.I.T. who he wants to produce a track for the most.
    Ask K.R.I.T. if he thinks there’s still a lot of people looking down on southern rappers just because of where they’re from and if so, why he thinks that’s the case.
    Ask Curren$y to describe the highest moment of his life.
    Ask DZA who he’s most influenced by musically.
    Ask DZA if there are more Lex Luger collabs to come.
    Ask Curren$y who he wants a beat from the most.

  • Tyrone

    When are you coming to the uk?, there are jets out here too- Curren$y

  • Milhouse

    Curren$y: What’s the rationale behind the no blunts movement you started and people like Wiz and DZA have hopped on? And how does that work being on tour with Meth?

  • ThatCaliKid

    i saw young roddy after the smokers tour in NYC and I asked him if he was gonna do a solo mixtape and he said “yeah, i got another one with trademark coming soon” and i said “no, like a solo album” and he said “ohh, well see”

  • ThatCaliKid

    ask Curren$y about his drug experiences. like “when did you first smoke weed, and what was the experience like?” and “have you messed around with other drugs like psychadelics and shit?”

  • JAyP

    Curren$y: will there be a Pilot Talk 3 soon?

  • VERSEatile

    For all 3 of them – How far do you think your career with hip hop is going to take you? Due to all of the new and up coming talent and competition rising through time

  • forspitta


  • Curren$y:
    how fly 2 were is it at how u and wiz?
    Pilot Talk 3 were is it at how u and ski?
    sir mickey and u gonna drop a full mix tape? maybe forget wiz and he be on how fly 2.
    the people want a solo roddy mixtape.
    wiz got loloa monroe on his team now, are u looking for or would u sign a female?
    spitta should reach out to pusha t and do a song.
    pharrell and spitta cd/mixtape would be epic if can be worked out.

  • Skinnybones

    Method Man: Why the extensive hiatus?
    Curren$y: What ever happened to the trio with Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean? Is there more to come or was that just a quick thing for the fans?

  • Skinnybones

    General question for Meth or whoever: How did Meth get on to the Smoker’s Club our? Kind of random.

  • For spitta

    Have you came up with a name for your debute album and when will it drop?

    Have you worked with erykah badu and camp lo before? since they were suppose to be on pt2 according to wiki or is that jus a false rumors?

  • Eve

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  • Khalfani

    What’s next Covert Coupe 2 or Pilot Talk 3? -Spitta

  • RedaBilal

    I’m french fan of spitta , it’s a legend to the game . and my question are :
    How do you consider the future of rap?
    Who is the future of rap?
    For when a Smokers club Tour in europe ? (or Paris )

  • Ask it.

    ask Curren$y if he’s gonna put out more material with Wayne. Smoke Sumthin was a hot collab, those 2 have great chemistry going way back to 2005.


    CURREN$Y: ask Spitta what happened to the release of “The Muscle Car Chronicles,” is it ever going to be released? Also, what’s the next full-length solo project we can expect from him?

  • 91&^uP

    Curren$y: What is the meaning of life?

  • Dat Dude Chris

    Curren$y: Whatever happened to ur relationship wit dame dash, ski beatz n all of creative control?
    Which artists or producers do u wanna collab wit da most?
    Whats ur thoughts on lil wayne, drake n da rest of ymcmb?

  • Curren$y since being on tour with meth? have u guys considered working together or already have?

  • Arron


  • mark

    Curren$y: do you think wiz khalifa can be defined as a simp?

  • Curren$y: With the new arrival of mikey rocks to your camp. can fans expect anymore surprises into the Jet Life community. Can you see Jet Life blowing up on a level of Maybach Music or Shady 5.0, maybe even a G.o.o.d. Music

  • htown

    Curren$y: What happened to Muscle Car Chronicles and when can we expect How Fly 2?

  • js13

    @ Currensy: How Fly 2?

  • johnnyf2424

    Big Krit: How do you stay so grounded in this type of industry? I met you outside a show once and you were by far the most down-to-earth rapper that I’ve meet (and I’ve been fortunate enough to have interacted with a few). Also, I’d like to hear Krit speak on creativity and sampling, more specifically whether he feels (as a producer who uses sampling as a technique to make beats) that sampling and copyright protections discouraging some labels from pursuing clearance are practice good for hip-hop?

  • Sanchay Jain

    Curren$y: I’ve heard from a worker at Creative Control that the Center Edge Territory project was somewhat completed, but that the group was waiting for both you and Jay Elec to blow up a little bit more. With all of the branching out all three of you guys have done, do you guys intend to release it at some point, or have you moved on?

    Big K.R.I.T.: What was it like recording with the Roots and being on their first single for the new album? and what’s the status of that project you had in mind with Yelawolf?

  • Ry

    Curren$y: What are your favorite clothing lines that are not street fashion..?

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