• Fthissite

    Dude.. what is with the 2dope thing? why do you guys even pretend you support boog brown? You guys support indie music to look cool. Boog brown has put out COUNTLESS tracks this year that were banging that you guys never support. Even a track with Co$$ you guys never put up and y'all dick ride him. She did a track with some guy i never heard of I saw on KN that was insanely dope as well... i forgot, but the hook was like that prodigy line thing "i break bread, ribs.. etc" The bottom line is y'all keep frontin' but in reality y'all don't support shit. stop with the "2dope" thing as if you guys even give a fuck. Maybe you should stop posting every single thing with Drake's name on it and find time to post the songs that Boog does, or any artist on Mello Music for that matter. Or Rhymesayers. Where's the european tour coverage? man fuck 2dopeboyz.

  • jyb

    wow dude..chill, its only the internet

  • jyb

    she is dope tho

  • jyb

    and they do post music from Mello Music. they always have positive things to say about their artist too.

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  • MrWill

    Loretta Devine got bars tho.