The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence (Mixtape)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 21, 2011

Debonair vocalist, The Weeknd unleashes his highly anticipated Echoes Of Silence mixtape. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

01 D.D.
02 Montreal
03 Outside
04 XO / The Host
05 Initiation
06 Same Old Song
07 The Fall
08 Next
09 Echoes Of Silence

DOWNLOAD: The Weeknd – Echoes Of Silence (Mixtape)
PREVIOUS: The Weeknd – The Knowing (Video)

  • Master Lee


  • cru jones

    Twill. that ovo and xo

  • aggzworth

    YESSSSSS!!! 3 mixtapes in one year??

  • Master Lee

    Oh shit I was first for the first time! lol

  • Scott

    D.D is great!

  • Some Body.

    I didn’t even know this ish was coming out.

  • itzmikedeezy

    He killed it!!!!!!!!!!

  • FullMetal

    best RnB artist out, probably will be the best ever.

  • chris

    D.D is michael jackson’s dirty diana, he even sounds like mj in the song

  • Ben10

    Great way to end the trilogy

  • T

    Miss Peas always says stuff to sound cool. “Anticipated.” No one knew it was coming!

  • nenz


  • panoble

    “best RnB artist out, probably will be the best ever.”

    smh, he’s good & all, but come on bruh

  • ally

    I knew it was coming out. That boy good! (Coming to america Voice)

  • Shy

    Till we overdose.

  • ovoxo

    ^ ^ ^ hahaha

  • ally

    “Debonair vocalist” lmao


    I don’t know what ya’ll are talking bout. I been waiting on this shit since the initiation dropped. common asher & abel all dropping projects makes this a happy hanukkah

  • This doesnt sound like RnB but he still cool i guess, The Dream is way better tho #Justsaying

  • FullMetal

    @panoble who’s better?

  • DK

    Soon as I heard Dirty Diana it was a fucking wrap.

  • panoble

    @Master Lee pretty much every R&B artist in the obviously must’ve been born in 2000 or something

  • chris H

    yeah I knew this was rumoured to come out on the winter solstice… y’all slackin

  • thekiiid

    shits dope as fuck #xo

  • DK

    @panoble Cosign The Weeknd is dope definitely in my top out now with Frank Ocean and Miguel but best ever? Lets not get carried away.

  • FullMetal

    @panoble couldn’t even name one, anyways their all irrelevant right now though…are they making music now? No. will they make any more good music? Probably not. No ones making music like this guy right now…..and hes only 21…he clearly has potential to be the best…

  • peteROC

    this is some crack. now where’s my girl…

  • Scott

    @Fullmetal, I feel you bro.
    this guy will be the best, no ones making music like him

  • PineGbh

    he can become the best rnb artist

  • sdasdasdsda

    this fool has his number 1 fan in these comments hahaha damn those male groupies

  • Hebrew


  • ally

    ^ Im a female and yes this album goesssss! Weekend the illest out right now, the production is bangin!!!

  • Ferg

    Just Enjoy This Shit

  • qwerty

    can someone just upload track 4?

  • JD

    At work (3rd Shiftin) but i’ll get to this as sooon as i touchdown at home. Sounds like another winner from the comments too.

  • rell

    i enjoy bruh music when im with my bitch & we rollin off 3 aint shit betta.

  • Dutchland

    damn 1 listen thru, glad Abel overcame that sophomore slump quickly. House of Balloons/Echoes of Silence is way harder than anything drake has ever done… inb4 shit storm

  • Brittney Taylors

    out of nowhere but The Weeknd always brings dope music

  • 1984

    Juicy J at the end of Same Old Song >

    #ShutTheFuckUp #WeTrippyMane


    @dutchland u think Drake care he is Drake artist and clearly has been influenced by Drakes So far Gone

  • yep

    Very few haters, that says mucho. The Fall = best track


    @FRESHONE the only thing that’s clear is that you are having trouble forming sentences with drakes nuts in your mouth

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeYungJoc

    This nigga @panoble really just said that every r&b singer from the 90’s was better than The Weeknd. 90% of them didn’t even write their own music.

  • Goobs

    My god he killed D.D. MJ would be fuckin proud

  • JChrome

    Yo that missing 4. track left some un-deletable files/folders on my computer. real nice.
    but excited for this


  • dre


    bruh if u find out how to delete that shit lemme know that sjit got me over here hot cuh

  • Dutchland

    @FRESHONE I’d say his most clear influences have been MJ and Siouxie and the Banshees as he has covered them in one way or another… side note initiation blows my mind mastered

  • Looking Like A Louie V Mannequin

    Nice, this dude is dope, I just hope that he doesn’t short change himself abd drop mixtapes for the rest of his career. This nigga deserves to be heard, the masses would want this shit.

  • Mike Abate

    Fuck yeah, A female shall be banged tonight in honor of this !!!


    @dutchland so u do realize drake about to eat off this nigga so he dont care who u think is better right?

  • Vic D

    Damn this shit sucks…


    @freshone i think you got that backwards man….

  • qwerty

    download install this and use it to delete the file 04 left

  • pros2ill

    yo this dude covered Dirty Diana though >

  • This just made my fucking month.

  • tilweoverdose

    @freshone The Weeknd isn’t signed to anyone so no one, including Drake, is eating off him… It’s actually the other way around since The Weeknd wrote some songs from Take Care..

  • Drake killed XXL

    I really love this TRILOGY…

  • atlienated

    ktt tho

  • mmkayy

    fck yea….dude starts the mixtape with my fav MJ track

  • prkgfx

    WTF is wrong with people? This fucking half ass attempt of syn-tho r&b music is an embarrassment. 96% of all these new rnb acts have no soul. Rolling In The Deep, was the last time i heard a song with soul behind it.

  • clyatonbigsby

    best RnB artist out, probably will be the best ever.



    Probably will be the best ever.


    Makes me wonder if some of you guys are still wearing diapers.

    It’s like you never heard of Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye.

    You obviously never heard of Portishead. Since I haven’t heard a song by these guys that doesn’t steal from them.


    fck yea….dude starts the mixtape with my fav MJ track

    mmkayy s

    What a dickeater. Out of all the MJ tracks that’s your favorite.

    Unnnn hunnnn.

    I don’t know one MH fan where dirty diana is their favorite song.

    That’s some dickeating shit if I ever seen it.

    It might not make the top 100 of Michael Jackson songs.

    I’m a leave you guys alone to your gay orgy.

  • Walshey

    Lol Portishead is nothing like the weeknd.

    And I’ve been bumping Portishead since 93.

  • JD

    This motherfucker just left us with an undeletable file on our harddrives lol. He’s luck the mixtape is great. Anyone know how to delete that track 4 file?

  • trufisbak

    damn, this mothafucka’s a fuckin monster! so much quality material in 1 year… call him prince of r&b, real talk.

  • tllyode

    The Weeknd Echoes Of Silence

    1. D.D.
    2. Montreal
    3. Outside
    4. XO/The Host
    5. Initiation
    6. Same Old Song
    7. The Fall
    8. Next
    9. Echoes Of Silence

    Download here

  • FMF

    A lot of dick riding and hating, just enjoy the good music.

  • Randy

    ^ as usual. dickriders vs haters. you have on dude saying “shit sucks” and another dude who played on track and concluded that weekend is the best rnb singer ever. smh

  • Same people saying he gone be the best gonna be the main ones calling his shit old and faded next year, people so quick to crown an artist when they haven’t even accomplished anything…

  • Trigga

    Trey Songz mixtape is much better than this shit.

  • thefuck?

    @trigga hell no


    @tilweoverdose you must be one gullible nigga if u think the Weekend dont have some sort of paper work with Drake. You probably also think Wiz Kahlifa signed with Atlantic when they announced it and Machine gun kelly just signed to Bad boy.

  • The Weeknd is the best artist out, and Frank Ocean. be real. i heard the trilogy.take care.the noise. nostalgia ultra.and the other 50songs mixtapes from frank. and the lives from both. c’mon people.ENjOY THE PRESENT!!!!!!

  • TirRifOsaLiaL

    DAMN!! Only thing that coulda made this mixtape better is a Mac Miller verse or two.

  • thefuck?

    a Mac Miller verse?? LMFAOOO!!! good one

  • 1984

    Mac miller? GTFOH the kid is a cornball his voice is like nails on a chalkboard. If youre not a 15 year old bitch you have no excuse for that wack ass suggestion.

  • CLSmooth

    @TirRifOsaLiaL please kill yourself for that comment

  • Lightwork

    Mac Miller? if he was on this album, I wouldn’t have even downloaded this Smh…fuck outta here bitchboi

  • Ermac

    Fuck this Emo R&B shit I swear niggas don’t have no clue what good music is the sad part is bitches eat this shit up so I would only get this garbage just for the sake of my bitch

  • ally

    ^NIggas not secure wit their sexuality… too worried what their “boys” would say to enjoy life

  • Ermac

    ^ nah not really this shit is for pussy niggas n bitches like yourself nigga

  • Kimber

    a lot of haters on here callin this emo yall sound dumb AF this dude just has an amazing voice and his range is unbelievable yall just need to learn how to recognize a good artist when you hear one.

  • yep

    Ermac gets no pussy. Guaranteed

  • Ermac

    ^ just Yo sister’s nigga

  • B

    ^so true.
    i appreciate it if you guys don’t like r&b, but to say this is for “pussy niggas” is ignorant. y’all that uncomfortable with your sexuality? y’all probably homophobic too…ignorant dudes. The Weeknd is a dope artist. this is coming from a LONG time hip hop and music fan. i give respect when respect is due. Long live The Weeknd

  • Waka Flaka Lame

    Not really feeling this puts me in a depressed mood

  • B

    “so true” was @Kimber

  • dame

    ya’ll got this nigga weeknd fucked up.ya’ll got this man mixed up with(the-dream,trey songz,frank ocean,miguel,etc etc etc)niggas who make that simp music crying over bitches like”oh baby please dont leave me,i love you” naw fool this dude aint even no R&b artist this nigga sing about bitches,doing coke,popping ex,kush etc. you know that real nigga shit.bruh sang about doing dope with bitches.alotta niggas just hate on the nigga cause he can sang. fuck outta here bruh make music for real niggas bruh not niggas that sit online 24/7 non pussy gettin niggas.and this niggas aint signed to drake this nigga wrote like 6 songs on take care he gettin money off drake.

  • Ermac

    Y’all niggas sound real dumb if this dude makes music for corny pussy niggas than that’s what it is it’s not about being uncomfortable with sexuality u fags cuz only lil bitches would bring up sum stupid shit like when they got no real points

  • dame

    & dont get me wrong i fuck with the-dream music but nobody touching this fool weeknd he not making music for radio or non of that i love you baby shit if you listen to what the nigga saying in his music he realy dont give a fuck about these bitches real nigga shit .

  • Trolls are indeed funny… lol

    I just decoded TirRifOsaLiaL. If you look at only the capital letters it spells TROLL. And a few of you certainly fed him… lol.

  • Freeze

    I guess since drake co-signed dude people love this Emo shit

  • marty mcfly

    This would have been better in Jay-Z was on this

  • Mo

    Haters gon’ hate!!

  • tilweoverdose

    @FRESHONE before you go makin claims like figured the world out, read something.. the closest thing to a legitimate affiliation is OVOXO which is Drake’s OVO (Octobers Very Own) and The Weeknd’s XO..they respect each other and from the same city, of course they work together.. but as far as money goes, Drake ain’t seein none from the The Weeknd… and Drake doesn’t even half a record label you oblivious ass nigga


    @tilweoverdose DRAKE’s people Oliver to be specific “found the weeknd” you will see. Stop believing the machine is not behind people. If you dont think Drake going to get money when this emo nigga put out an album you dont know shit about the music business. Drake is smaart first he started tweeting bars from the weekend then he told people to follow a new twitter account then tweeted the dudes song. You think he going to do all that and not break bread.

    Why would Drake have Abels litte friends shoot his videos and be all in the videos? You will see

  • jason


    get yo lame ass the fuck on somewhere.drake aint got no damn label boy.drake signed to another nigga the fuck weeknd look like being signed to a nigga that aint got no damn label? stfu you sound stupid as fuck.

  • tilweoverdose

    @FRESHONE what I’m saying is Drake hasn’t made shit off The Weeknd considering The Weeknd’s mixtapes have all been free.. Since The Weeknd wrote songs for your apparent lord and savior, Drake, The Weeknd is eating off Drake right now. If they did START a label, I wouldn’t be surprised but as of NOW, Drake ain’t gettin anything from him.. The only thing Drake did for The Weeknd in terms of the music industry is expose him to a larger crowd so he became popular fast.. obviously Drake is tryna be affiliated with The Weeknd when he blows up cause it’s obvious he will… just how Lil Wayne made himself affiliated with Drake as he blew up… think nigga..

  • Tyler Durden


    OVOXO til infinity bitch!…

  • Tyler Durden

    …House of Balloons EP was definitely the best piece of music/body of work of 2011 [Album/EP of the year] imo… and without being overly dramatic should have nominated for an award i.e. Grammy etc. for the production and/or songwriting alone… moreover the artwork and theme/conceit… the EP FAR outweighed Take Care, in all aspects…

  • SevAve

    The Weeknd is not only a dumb fuckin name but this shit is so Emo how can’t people listen to this shit

  • Undeletable File

    I downloaded Unlocker and it doesn’t work or I’m using it wrong. The undeletable file is becoming annoying now. ANYONE with help would be appreciated.

  • vlado

    love it XO

  • mikel

    hold up… is this even RnB?… its like a combo of that and hip hop, and rock. has no genre. what do y’all think?

  • Alpha29

    #TheWeekndsFalsetto + #TheWeekndsFalsettoINFRENCH FTMFW!!!

    …shits TOO muhfuckin dope!…


    This shit is fuckin whack. If you a dude and you listen to this by yourself you a faggot.

  • Darko

    Yeah this man is gonna be one of the greatest.


    fuck this!! i FINALLY!! found CDQ version of Ease Your Pain (Her Lies)

  • Master Lee

    Echoes Of Silence is great. I think I like House Of Balloons and Thursday more but EOS is still amazing.

  • D

    No doubt this guy can sing his ass off. Not really feeling his production just yet. It’s technically very good, but it just don’t sound good to me. It needs more bass.

  • Late

    Everyone is acting like this guy is pumping out new shit. Maybe for the R&B scene its new shit but about 4 years ago a guy named Johnny Craig was putting out shit like this, it just actually had a full band, not computer production. And the guy is white. This guy is good, but he’ll fade out in the next 4 years.

  • yep

    He ethiopian, but Ok dude^^^

  • shutttaman

    Take Care/House of Balloons/Thursday/Echoes of Silences>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EVERYTHING IN 2011 CEPT S.80 which is on they level.


  • UrChickRiteHere

    this is some crack. now where’s my girl…

    U dont know where she @????? shit my bad… I’ll give her back after she’s done and the music stops….


  • kayo

    @Late .. wow someone who actually listens to something besides Hip Hop/R&B on this blog… but you’re right man, people act like The Weeknd is a god send sometimes, it’s really great stuff but nothing revolutionary.. <– similar shit but without the computer production

    You guys should try listening to other music one of these days..