• http://www.officialdbs.com DBS

    Oh, I didn't realize someone actually had to write that song.

  • smitty

    What this guy said. I generally keep my distance from Nicki Minaj info as I don't give a crap but you're telling me she had someone write that piece of dog shit for her? And she took it? Yo, fuck this chick.

  • Cameron

    This shit is terrible. It's like 80% chorus. No redeeming qualities here

  • sydney

    i thought this was a hip hop website........stop posting nicki minaj just cause shes from queens doesnt mean she makes good music anymore


    I warn everyone not to wonder over to the Rap-Up website the bloggers over there worship nicki minaj. Every comment was positive.

  • http://opbrownbag.tumblr.com grimyteddy

    this track is Ass Ass Ass