Nardwuar vs. Kendrick Lamar (Video)

blame it on Meka March 23, 2012

We knew this was going to happen, since Nardwuar asked to interview him via the Twitter a month before SXSW.

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  • Mischief

    Lmao. He kept looking @ J Rock like “how the hell does he know this?” Nardwuar >

  • Nardwuar is too dope for this

  • deez nuuuts

    haha this is superdope.

  • Shy

    Nardwuar is GOAT

  • Lmao the guy in the back during the end, “Nardwuaaarrr…”

  • k dot

    LMAO ! i always wondered how Nardwuar knows all this shit about them. Nigga know more shit on artists than wikipedia.

  • west

    this nigga needs to fix his hairline……

  • Mike

    Nardwar is the greatest interviewer of all time. Absolutely loves and takes his job seriously.

  • rom

    for real though, nardwuar is that dude. every single interview, whoever he’s talking to is stunned at how much shit he knows. he really gives a shit about the interview and the artists and doesn’t just throw softball questions out there.

  • yugang

    Kendrick: how do u know about cannon?

    Nardwuar: keep rocking in the free world..


  • Kenneth

    Ab-Soul’s interjections were hilarious. “West SIDE!” LOL. The interview was tight.

  • $$$

    Jay Rock’s in the damn pamphlet. LOL

  • who cares

    Dope interview

  • HeadHoncho

    Damn, Kendrick is gangster as hell, like, in a kinda intimidating way. Nardwuar kills the interview yet again.

  • JR

    hahahahahahahahahahaaha ah shit that was a dope interview.


    Nardwuar is the best interviewer ever. i never pass up one of his interviews

  • mcd

    I don’t like Nardwuar that much. Yeah, he knows his stuff and really researches the rapper. But I don’t wanna see a Kendrick interview and just hear about some obscure old school West coast rap. I wanna know what’s going on with TDE now! Instead of pulling random things from their past, do some research and ask about the recent stuff that’s been mentioned but never elaborated on. Just getting signed, working with tons of producers, upcoming tours, Dr. Dre. There’s ton to cover with Kendrick yaknow

  • D39

    Incredible. Mr. Nardwuar never disappoints!

  • flo

    @ mcd,

    then bro you can look at any other interview for that. fuck off

  • Xi


  • opo

    mcd you’re a fuckin moron.

  • put Nardwuar on HBO or sumn!

  • @mcD that’s Nardwuar’s thing though…he’s about musical history and shit.

    That was legit. The whole TDE crw is tight. They just havin’ fun. That was great.

  • JAyP

    McD nigga you must be the dumbest nigga on EARTH 2dopeboyz is one of the main fucking rap blogs that post nothing but Kendrick Lamar news where the fuck have you been?

    Nardwuar is actually one of the best and VERY RARE for the simple fact that he’s not like everybody else he doesn’t ask the over saturated question EVVERRYYY interviewer asks he asks shit that you’d never think no one knew he’s one of a kind how can you not respect that? FOR SOME REASON I THINK YOURE TROLLING!