Knocka – Keeping It Real (Words to A$AP Rocky)

blame it on Shake April 27, 2012

What’s crazy is that I first heard of Knocka when A$AP hit me up and made the connect. Now it seems things have come to a head as Knocka has a few words to say about their relationship.

  • Charley Chutney

    knocka spits better tan most of asap mob

  • fuck rocky

    Glad somebody decided to speak on this clown. God damn.

  • RobertTHEalleN

    idk their situation but lyrically this dude is shitting on rocky’s crew.

  • Fuckem’

    See? I told y’all this nigga ASAP was gay!
    Dude even referred to it in this track, hahaha.

  • fiz7

    What beat is this?!

  • jerzy908

    This dude is a way better spitta the asap..true story

  • fiz7

    NVM J Cole – Grew Up Fast


    I believe this too. Fucked up!

  • Vega

    Do what you want but stop reppin’ harlem you from the bronx

  • Timothy

    Asap is a sell out.

    End of story.

    Soulless for the record deal.

  • Elko

    I fucks with it.
    He went in.

  • that truth

    dude is a pretty weak rapper based off this. but talkin salty about your friend for exposure while claiming it’s not a diss>>>
    and dead @ real lyricist. and i dont even like asap

  • akiea

    yall r dumb as fuck who the fuck wuldnt take the deal. you think you have pride guys but when that check is waved in your face ur gunna jump like a fuckin slave dog this is ridiculous yall need to shut the fuck up about rappers u wish u could be, because no mstter how much shit you talk they still get paid and you still are on the computer browsing hating on peoples talent you wish you had. GUESS what! there both good rapper so SHUTUP!!!!!

  • Jordan

    So, what happened exactly?

  • akiea

    this is why i dont comment yall drive me crazy! why do i even scroll down past the music why!

  • thehungergames

    man this shit is real as fuck, as for the beef, i’m a fan of A$AP’s music but he does come off as a pussy, and after he came to my city i lost a little respect for him, he played a 4-5 song set then bailed it was weak, he put all his energy into the opening track which was pretty flacko then the rest of the show was weak, i get online the next day i find out they made a video out of his pretty flacko intro, hes all about the fame man dudes a joke, he prob don’t give a fuck about his family



  • DK

    Seemed like he kept contradicting himself in this song overall he comes off as bitter.

  • marry me raven sorvino

    ima big fan of rocky music but he always a phony with this gangsta shit he just juices it to the max thn turn around and hes all cuddly with Jeremy Scott un complex mag loool.but anyways just seem like this guy is tryna get fame off rocky’s recent bigtime fame wut a loser

  • spencer

    Always Strive Always Prosper.

  • Asada

    This wack muhfucka got all his fans from being Rocky’s friend and now you gonna beat the hand that fed you, You ol’ Chingy ass nigga.

  • Goldie

    What happened with rocky and purrp?

  • k dot

    Mark my words, Asap Rocky will be irrelevant this time next year.


  • NewWe$t

    who is this irrelevant nigga? A$AP > this nerd

  • fuckthislame

    this dude a clown … he on rocky nuts

  • FredGod


  • thatrealshit

    idk wat to think about this to be honest…shit sounds too inside to judge. if the shit he said is true then asap better fess the fuck up

  • Leaf

    Kiss Rocky’s ASAP !!!!!!!
    Just trying to get fame off rocky -___-
    Unsigned ass migga lmao

  • why

    I respect knoca for keepin it real asap may b fake as fucc I DONT THANK C-SEC UNDERSTAND,, when you got so called real niggas around you and they blow up (even if they dont blow up) and you showed them tha game and they jus all of a sudden switch up that shyt is FAKE regardless of watchu thank or say. Realli live that shyt and experience what knoca speakin on this song and ull see,, tha worse part is this nigga Roccy blew up and still didnt come bacc for this nigga. He used tha perfect instrumental too

  • madethics

    look up “flow boyz vs. mdb” on youtube, rocky is that quiet pussy nigga in the background lol.

  • Rock

    Haha go Knocka – this one verse is better than any bars Rocky or the rest of ASAP have ever spit. FACT. Rocky is a fad. NY Trill gimmicky garbage with good production from Clams. N.Y. dudes need to take their city back real talk.

  • You’re Fake

    ASAP Fap is a jerk off

  • Karma

    Damn, you guys really hate A$AP, don’t you? Because this was not good.

  • 1DopeBoy

    Here’s what I think. ASAP rocky got a BREAK. just imagine how many talented rap artists there are in just “Harlem ” let alone all of ny. Obviously he is gimmicky, with the “purple swag” “black scale ” “swag swag” “Houston sipping lean” image. Plus he dabbles into the occult judging by his “Wassup ” video. He’s am industry change agent in my opinion. Which I believe are selected artists, actors, celebrities, put out into the public view to change the way we view people and society. Google the travistock institute and you’ll realize how much society is guided along. So either u like the self proclaimed “pretty motherfucker ” or you don’t. But understand that more of the younger generation will be imitating this guy, due to his high fashion profile and influence.. take care y’all

  • Nasty

    Fuck em both… this beat’s tight though

  • iII

    So ASAP Rocky is the new person to hate on now? It wasn’t more than a few months ago everyone was giving him mad props for his LiveLoveA$AP mixtape. Now all of a sudden dude is just a fad and is nothing special?

    You guys crack me up.

    BTW who gives a fuck how lyrical ASAP Rocky is? He makes good sounding music you can vibe to…is that not enough in hip-hop anymore? Maybe it’s just because I’m still in college and go out and party so I enjoy listening to his type of music occasionally…who knows.

  • the fuck

    200 likes for a weak ass diss track???

  • RealRap

    @ k dot, asap never was relevant. now everyone agrees with me when a diss record comes out.

  • someharlemnigga

    so errbody wanna know the real deal? back in the day maybe say 03, 04 around that time if i remember correctly, Rocky, used to run with Knocka, they called themselves “million dollar babies” because i guess apparently knocka ran into a few law suits and made a couple hundred thousand, and when he did, he put Rocky on to a lot of this flashy shit, they used to rap together, but somewhere along the lines i think their friendship died out, partially because knocka’s money did too. Rocky got hot, and left this nigga behind, thats why hes tight, he sounds real real bitter, but as far as this track and the facts, mostly everything Knocka is saying is true, and this is real hood shit, niggas knew rocky and knocka way back, mostly because of knocka and his ignorant spending habits.

  • SD

    and if you notice, none of the asap team will comment on this, unless Rocky does, because they all know what really went down..nonethelesss ASAP the fuck up lol.

  • 1DopeBoy

    @someharlemnigga that sounds very believable. Happens all the time im sure

  • DBravo

    This shit was wack

  • Flip

    sounds like real shit

  • ddave

    I wasn’t one of the people who gave Rocky props for his mixtape. I saw the buzz he was getting all of a sudden. I listened to the tape and I honestly did not like it. I thought of more than a few people who spit better than him. Clear Soul Forces, Action Bronson, Sha Stimuli, Stalley, etc.

  • bladaoh

    whats wrong with rocky gettin exposed? i mean its not like any of yall know either of them dudes so take it for what it is.

  • Maverik

    this is horrible, gtfo with this garbage

  • its the age old story. Two friends start off as Underground Rappers, one gets a Major Label Deal and the other friend is salty he didnt getta shot. Now ya friend is a sellout because he’s able to do something you can’t “sellout” for.

    If Knocka was a real nigga, this should have even been recorded, he shoulda called A$AP himself and vent this shxt.
    im tired of hearing the same diss tracks over and over.

  • Pro

    THis shit is real I went to high school with asap and I known knocka from harlem runnig around harlem spending money all crazy and shit. The funny thing is too my ex bf use to live on the same block this nigga rocky lived in the BX. so the nigga knocka is not lieing this is all true

  • calibud from that Gucci ave

    thats keeping it real knocka let them fag ass bitches no what time it is

  • Shannon

    This shit was tough , maybe niggas just needa keep it real w/ they shit , asap shit be dope but after really listening to it i think this gives people a completely different prospective about Asap .

  • thisthatrandomHaitianGuy