• http://2dboyz Untitled

    Wiley's back with more STEP Freestyles. Killin' it as usual. Just thought I'd recommend 2DopeBoyz post 1 of his joints. The best freestyle series this year!!!

    Ro Ransom's song & video is pretty dope as well.

  • Cold

    Fuck this guy above me. Advertising other artists and shit. Anyway, Ro Ransom is the future

  • blitz

    Dope VIdeo. Trash Lyrics. Dope Beat.

  • http://mydadsneaksinmyroom.com dr.Draydull

    "Dope VIdeo. Trash Lyrics. Dope Beat."

    ^ agreed.

  • valence

    Meh. He's done a lot better under his previous name.

  • milly

    another solidly produced video from the Bowen camp. cant wait for this shit to drop. trash lyrics?! SMFH
    "freshest nigga out.. going hammer
    thats yo girlfriend? man excuse my manners"